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Spark Hire’s Top 25 Must Read Blogs for Employers

Top 25 Blogs for Employers BadgeAt Spark Hire, we know hiring top talent is no easy feat. With more applicants than ever, it’s especially important to make sure you’re staffing your company with the right candidates. Thankfully, the HR field is full of great thinkers willing to share their insights and engage in meaningful discussions about the challenges we all face. Whether it’s talking about social media sourcing or video interviewing, these great bloggers are on the cutting edge of the recruiting field.

Below are the Top 25 Must Read Blogs for Employers looking to hire the best talent. These blogs, listed in no particular order, are full of useful advice, great tips and funny anecdotes from the world of hiring.

1. HR Bartender is run by author and HR pro Sharlyn Lauby, with frequent updates on timely issues. Like any good bartender, Lauby weighs in on the issues of the day and promotes conversation among a lively group of commenters. Congratulate HR Bartender on Twitter

2. The HR Capitalist is the blog of HR pro Kris Dunn, who has built a following with a mix of great, timely information and his fun blogger personality. Congratulate The HR Capitalist on Twitter

3. SHRM (the Society for Human Resource Management) is a great source of information for all HR professionals. The site has up-to-date information, surveys, and more to keep busy professionals in the loop with the latest issues in hiring. Congratulate SHRM on Twitter

4. Tribe HR is a great blog to find detailed posts about everything from hiring to maintaining a good workplace culture. Congratulate Tribe HR on Twitter

5. is one of the best blogs when it comes to thought-provoking, timely content focused on the issues facing human resources professionals. Not only is ERE a top blog with quality content, it also has a dedicated base of great commenters bringing their own knowledge to the table. Congratulate ERE on Twitter

6. Simply Lisa is written by Lisa Rosendahl, a pro with more than 18 years experience in the field. The blog is a mix of tips, advice, and personal insights from someone who has seen her fair share of the HR field. Congratulate Simply Lisa on Twitter

7. TLNT is a great resource when looking for what’s new in the world of recruiting and human resources. This top blog is updated daily with top quality thinking from HR leaders about the concerns and important issues facing professionals on the road to better hiring. Congratulate TLNT on Twitter

8. Work Awesome is trying to help employers make their workplace into a more awesome place with tips and tricks for improving your work life. Whether it’s making the most of a small office space or how to use mediation to increase your productivity, Work Awesome is there to add some awesome to your office. Congratulate Work Awesome on Twitter

9. The Grindstone has a great variety of posts on everything from better hiring to office politics, all from a women-centric viewpoint. But the site isn’t exclusive, there are plenty of top quality tips and tricks for both genders to enjoy. Congratulate The Grindstone on Twitter

10. Blogging4Jobs is a great blog with a variety of contributors sharing insights into all aspects of the human resource field. Led by blogger Jessica Miller-Merrell, whose fun personality is scattered throughout, Blogging4Jobs is an enjoyable as well as informative read. Congratulate Blogging4Jobs on Twitter

11. HR reMix is a blog dedicated to questioning typical recruitment processes and how they can be made more efficient. The blog is frequently updated with top quality insights into how to change the hiring process for the better. Congratulate HR reMix on Twitter

12. The HR Introvert is proving that extroverts don’t have all the fun. This blog tackles the issues in the human resources industry with an introvert’s wit and wisdom. It proves that just because introverts are quiet doesn’t mean they don’t have anything to say. Congratulate The HR Introvert on Twitter

13. Upstart HR is a blog about facing the issues in the hiring field with boldness. The site is full of interesting content written in a fun and accessible way. Just ask the site’s engaged commenter base. Congratulate Upstart HR on Twitter

14. HR Ringleader is the blog of HR professional Trish McFarlane focusing on tips and tricks for becoming an HR leader, instead of a follower. Congratulate HR Ringleader on Twitter

15. Evil HR Lady is a destination for all HR professionals who have ever gotten the unfair “evil” rap. If you’ve ever related to poor human resources worker Toby from The Office, this is the blog for you. Filled with top quality knowledge, insights, and great personality, this is definitely one to bookmark. Congratulate Evil HR Lady on Twitter

16. Never Mind the Manager is the place to go if you want to learn how to better inspire your workforce. This blog focuses on how to manage better and motivate your employees to greatness. Congratulate Never Mind the Manager on Twitter

17. HR Fishbowl is a great blog for entertaining insights about the world of HR from those who have spent time in the trenches. Better yet, this fishbowl is filled with great comments from readers sharing their knowledge and experiences. Congratulate HR Fishbowl on Twitter

18. Fistful of Talent is a top HR blog sharing knowledge, advice, and tons of personality from the site’s many expert contributors. This blog certainly has more than a fistful of great insight to share with readers. Congratulate Fistful of Talent on Twitter

19. No Excuses HR is written by Jay Kuhns, a human resources VP, as a resource for those tired of making excuses about their old hiring practices. The blog offers tips, advice, and timely information about how to hire and manage better. Congratulate No Excuses HR on Twitter

20. The Cynical Girl is written from a woman’s perspective by Laurie Ruettimann, tackling the top HR issues of the day. Frequently updated and with a great commenter base, this blog is a must read. Congratulate The Cynical Girl on Twitter

21. Welcome to the Occupation is a great blog focusing on hiring, managing your career, and really enjoying your work along the way. Congratulate Welcome to the Occupation on Twitter

22. Everyday People is a blog to help you get your everyday employee to become a superstar worker with great management techniques and advice. Congratulate Everyday People on Twitter

23. HR Insomniac is a frequently updated blog from a knowledgeable insomniac with years of HR experience. Don’t let hiring woes keep you up at night, read this blog instead! Congratulate HR Insomniac on Twitter

24. The Tim Sackett Project is full to the brim with timely content relating to the HR industry. Better still, Sackett brings his fun voice and big personality to his helpful insights, making this blog an enjoyable read. Congratulate The Tim Sackett Project on Twitter

25. Boolean Black Belt is the place to go if you want top tips on how to leverage social media for sourcing and recruiting the best candidates. Congratulate Boolean Black Belt on Twitter

While there are many great blogs for employers, these 25 top off our list of “must reads.” They offer valuable information and unique content, have many followers, and promote meaningful discussions.

What do you think? What other blogs are a ‘must read’?

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