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LinkedIn Makes Major Updates for Recruiters, Job Seekers

Over the past few weeks, LinkedIn has made headlines by announcing new features to the job search social network. The new updates will help recruiters and job seekers alike and will make the platform more engaging for every type of feature. With the added features, recruiters and job seekers will be spending more time on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn’s New Focus for Recruiters

The LinkedIn news for the Recruiter Home Page features more ways for you to stay connected, both to current and potential employees.

  • Streamlined Search. Now, you can search LinkedIn from the home page, save searches and browse your search history.
  • Feed Customization. Select what you would like to see on your home page feed — choose from your own activity, your team’s activity or that of potential job candidates.
  • Matching Algorithm. LinkedIn’s new matching algorithm derived from your activity will help you find the best candidates for jobs. And to keep you coming back, LinkedIn promises that the more you use LinkedIn, the better they’re able to gauge which candidates would best suit your company.
  • Job Tracker. If you have open positions advertised on LinkedIn, you’ll be able to track how many users are viewing and applying to your opportunity.
  • Profile Viewer. With this feature, you’ll be able to see who has viewed your profile page recently, a key indication that seekers are interested in you and your company.

LinkedIn’s New Attractions for Job Seekers

While the LinkedIn news around profile updates is geared toward job seekers, it will also help recruiters as well. These new updates will enable recruiters to get a more in-depth look at candidates, peruse their work and identify with them on more than just a professional level.

Job seekers will now be able to upload videos, images and presentations to showcase themselves as candidates and their work, according to Stealing a page from Facebook, LinkedIn will also add the ability for users to comment or like on certain aspects of the profile.

LinkedIn is hoping that these new features will push users to spend more time on the site and engage in a way that makes LinkedIn more social while maintaining its status as the job seeker social platform. With these new updates, web designers will be able to post their web page work while scientists will be able to share their presentations on breakthrough discoveries.

Together, these new features from LinkedIn will ensure that the best candidates are being sought after and found without much hassle. Your best and brightest employees could literally be a click away.

Will you take advantage of these major updates for recruiters on LinkedIn? Leave us a comment below!

IMAGE: Courtesy of Flickr by TheSeafarer

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