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4 Hiring Hacks for Your Small Business

Hacks are clever solutions to tricky problems (thanks Urban Dictionary). In this post, we’ll apply some hacks to the traditional hiring process. Who doesn’t need their hiring process to be a little easier, right? The hiring hacks we have for you today are a mixture of short-term and long-term solutions for your small business hiring needs. Referrals and freelancers are great options for a small business that needs employees right away. Community involvement, and a unique company brand can help your small business hiring strategy succeed in the long term. No matter your tricky situation, here are 4 hiring hacks for your small business:

Institute a referral bonus

If your small business doesn’t have a network, use somebody else’s. Referral bonuses can range anywhere from $100-$500, and can be a great incentive for your current employees to play matchmaker. Your current employees are a great resource because they have a vested interest in a quality staff; but play it safe with a 6-month rule. The referred employee has to stay with your company for 6-months before you pay up.

Get involved in the community

Networks are key talent pipelines for small business hiring strategies. Build your small business network by getting involved in your community. Sponsor school events, donate to charities, host a blood drive. This exposure generates year-round positive interest in your small business. When hiring season rolls around, that interest may inspire some great candidates to apply.

Think beyond full-time employees

Contract and temporary employees are the gold standard for hiring hacks. For small businesses especially, hiring full-time employees is high-stakes and time-consuming. If your small business needs help now, contract and temporary employees can provide help for relatively low cost and risk. This provides you time to find a full-time employee that will be a good long-term solution for your small business hiring, without sacrificing productivity in the meantime.

Be unique

As you build your business and its brand, with temporary and full-time help, remember to stay true to what makes your brand unique. Small businesses can provide a special work environment for employees, and it’s important to play that up. Michael B. Junge, a recruiter for Google, sums up small business hiring advice like this:
“If you don’t have an abundance of resources, going head to head with those who do isn’t a great idea. They’ll always have deeper pockets and bigger perks. Fortunately, you don’t need a ton of money or a big brand to build a compelling employment story. What you do need is a clear picture of the talent you’re hoping to attract, an understanding of what they value, and a willingness to create an environment where their goals and ambitions can be fulfilled in a way that’s not possible elsewhere.”

Have you crafted any hiring hacks for your organization? Tell us about it below.

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Kristin Anderson

Kristin has a B.A. in English from the University of Iowa, with an emphasis in creative writing. In her free time she enjoys long walks, kitchen adventures, and making puns.

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