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4 Ways to Teach Your Candidates Better Interviewing Skills

4 Ways to Teach Your Candidates Better Interviewing Skills

As a recruiter, it is important that we provide not only value to our clients, but to our candidates as well.  One way that we can provide value to our candidates is by guiding them through the interview process and providing them with tips that will help them to interview successfully.

There are 4 key ways you can help your candidates to develop better interviewing skills:

1. Provide insight on the hiring manager’s background and interview style

Something that most candidates do not have access to when interviewing on their own is an understanding of the hiring manager’s interview style, personality, or background.  This is a great way for you to provide value to a candidate during the interview process.

Before your candidate interviews, provide him or her with insight on the hiring manager and what you know about him.  Give the candidate an idea of the hiring manager’s background, experience, and interview style.  If the hiring manager is blunt and straight forward, let your candidate know.

Anything you can do to prepare your candidate for the first meeting with the hiring manager is something your candidate will greatly appreciate.

2. Explain the key things the hiring manager is looking for

After you give the candidate a rundown of the hiring manager’s background and interview style, it’s important to let your candidate know the key things that are important to the hiring manager.

If the hiring manager is searching for someone who has strong knowledge and experience on a specific database, let your candidate know this.  If your candidate has experience on this database, she will know to emphasize this in the interview.

3. Provide tips on the types of questions to ask

Almost all hiring managers open up the end of the interview for any questions the candidate may have.  Guide your candidate on the appropriate questions to ask, depending on the stage of the interview process.

Providing sample questions can help guide the candidate and point her in the right direction.

4. Practice closing the interview

Many hiring managers will be searching for a strong candidate who knows how to ask for the job.  Make sure your candidate understands that if they truly want the job, they need to make it known at the end of the interview and ask for the next steps.  Practice closing the interview with your candidate until they have found a way that is comfortable for them.

What are some other ways you can teach your candidate better interviewing skills?  Please share your tips in the comments below.

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Julia Weeks

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