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Improve Your Candidate Experience Like This Bay Area TA Pro

Improve Your Candidate Experience Like This Bay Area Talent Acquisition Pro

Kris Osborne, Head of Talent Acquisition at Thanx, joins The Growth Recruiting Podcast to tout the importance of the candidate experience. He explains why he decided to go from the military to talent acquisition, the challenges of recruiting at a startup and building your recruiting brand. Kris gives advice and best practices to create a candidate experience so good, your candidates recruit for you.

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Show notes

0:58 About Kris
2:37 About Thanx
3:35 Why Kris went into TA
4:54 Military’s influence on Kris
6:33 Challenges of venture-backed recruiting
7:51 The evolution of talent when an organization doubles in size
9:33 Structure of Kris’ team
11:32 Building a recruiting brand strategy
16:47 Testing your TA content
20:37 Executing effective candidate touchpoints
22:01 Why candidate self-selection is so important
23:40 Combining the candidate experience and your recruiting brand
25:57 Defining a white glove approach
28:28 Key elements to kick your candidate experience up a notch
31:25 How to affect change in your recruiting team
35:20 What you’re overlooking in TA
38:04 Kris’ Favorites

Resources mentioned on the episode

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