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How to create distinct employer branding with the voice of your employees

[Webinar] Creating A Distinct Employer Brand With The Voice Of Your Employees

The most genuine expression of your company’s brand is right outside your door. It can be the difference between a mediocre and stand-out candidate. And it’s often underutilized, because you see it every day.

Your employees and their daily interactions are your company’s brand. But are you leveraging them?

We have partnered with NextWave Hire to help you create better branding with your employees.

Why employees are great brand ambassadors

Cultural fit can make or break a candidate during the hiring process. This is because your recruiting brand is based off your company’s brand. And, these all reflect your company’s culture. By extension, an employee must fit with your brand and culture to be a successful employee.

How to collect employee stories

Formally asking your employees to share and advocate for your company may not be every employee’s cup of tea. So listen and pay attention! Recognize when something typical of your organization and its culture occurs and take note of it.

Which employee stories build your employer brand

These stories should not be all of your marketing strategy, but their incorporation can add a much-needed human element. This makes your organization more relevant to customers, but also potential employees.

Measuring the effects of employee stories

Like any other effort, creating a positive ROI is important. Isolating the specific goals of your employee stories and tying them directly to an increase in engagement on social media will indicate if your efforts are proving fruitful.

About the Webinar

Join us on Wednesday, November 15th at 12PM CST as Phil Strazzulla, founder and CEO of NextWave Hire, guides you through the specifics of leveraging one of your most powerful branding assets: your employees. You will learn more about employee stories, implementation strategies and how to measure their effectiveness.


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