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The Growth Recruiting Podcast feat. Bharath Jayaraman

Get Recruiting Right At Your Startup With Advice From This Thoughtful People Leader

Bharath Jayaraman, Director of HR at JUUL Labs (former VP of People at Paxos), chats with Josh about the 3 pillars of startup recruiting on The Growth Recruiting Podcast. Bharath and Josh focus their conversation on setting and implementing a high hiring bar across the company, building a strong in-house sourcing engine, and developing your employer brand to tell your story consistently. In addition, Bharath explains the difference in skills between sourcers and recruiters, how to develop and nurture your employer brand, and creating effective communication throughout companies of all sizes.

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Show notes

1:10 Introduction to Bharath and Paxos
5:52 Set and implement a high hiring bar
7:50 Balancing hiring needs with achieving the right hire
11:10 How to integrate core values into hiring
13:00 Maintaining a high hiring bar
14:03 Assessing candidates against the hiring bar
16:23 Improving candidate sourcing
20:25 When agencies help with hiring
21:09 The difference between sourcers and recruiters
24:16 Steps to developing your employer brand
27:08 Maintaining employer brand authenticity
29:16 How to uncover your employer brand
31:47 Communication in tiers of organizational growth
33:30 Coordinating many-to-many communication
35:30 What many-to-many communication solves
36:26 Engaging millennials
38:18 Telling the company story across channels
40:23 Investing appropriately to grow
41:43 What makes a successful meetup
43:17 Bharath’s favorites

Resources mentioned on the episode

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Spark Hire’s page on BuiltIn
Bharath’s LinkedIn
Paxos’ Careers Page

Since recording the podcast, Bharath has joined JUUL Labs as their Director of HR.

Josh Tolan

Josh Tolan is the Founder and CEO of Spark Hire, a video interviewing platform used by 6,000+ customers in over 100 countries.