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The Growth Recruiting Podcast feat. Rebecca Price and Lee Gutman

Drive Candidate Conversions Like This Dynamic Duo

Rebecca Price and Lee Gutman, VP of People and Head of Recruitment at Enigma, discuss how they reassessed their recruitment on The Growth Recruiting Podcast. With a data-driven approach, they used 3 lenses to evaluate and improve their recruiting outreach, interviewing process, and candidate nurturing. They discuss with Josh about how to create and assign candidate personas, create and educate new interviewers, and what types of interviews they use in their process. Rebecca and Lee give their opinions on how to coach current employees to evangelize the company, qualify and entice candidates, and the division of labor between their roles.

The Growth Recruiting Podcast is available in iTunes!

Show notes

1:30 Introduction to Rebecca and Lee and Enigma
3:06 Division between the VP of People and Head of Recruiting roles
5:55 What Enigma does
8:58 Enigma’s major recruiting goals of 2019
12:00 The 3 lenses Enigma used to analyze their recruiting
12:48 Identifying and Defining Candidate Personas
15:12 Enigma’s 4 candidate personas
17:52 Evaluating what persona fits a candidate
19:59 How Enigma qualifies and entices candidates
21:52 Where to start with developing candidate personas
24:53 Enigma’s interview process overview
28:14 Creating an interviewer “shadowing” process
32:20 Competency, behavioral skill, and deep-dive interviews
33:44 Tips on restructuring the interview process
36:43 How to build an employer brand
40:27 Creating a candidate opt-in process
45:03 How Enigma nurtures candidates
46:20 The division of labor with their employer brand
49:44 Rebecca and Lee’s Favorites

Resources mentioned on the episode

Lee’s LinkedIn
Rebecca’s LinkedIn
Enigma’s careers page

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