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3 Reasons Why You Should Add Structure to Your Hiring Process

3 Reasons Why You Should Add Structure to Your Hiring Process Hiring can be a chaotic mess or it can be well thought out and organized.  There are many benefits of having a structured hiring process but it does take some planning and preparation, which many managers may say they do not have time for.  However, when they understand how much time can be saved through an organized hiring process, many managers quickly change their mind. 

1. Expectations are set

By establishing a timeline for the hiring process you are setting a goal for yourself and your team to interview and select the right candidate for the job.

I’ve seen some managers stop after each interview and try to figure out what they should do next.  What a waste of time!

When you establish the process ahead of time you are essentially saving time as well as setting candidate expectations regarding the timeline and process.  In the end, keeping the candidate aware of your timeline can help to prevent problems such as that stellar candidate accepting a job with another company, not understanding they were in the final stages of your hiring process.

2. Everyone is on the same page

When structuring your hiring process, it’s key to make sure that anyone involved in interviewing or candidate selection is on the same page.  I have seen situations when the hiring manager and others involved in the interview process are all interviewing for completely different skills or requirements.  This causes initial interviewers to pass over completely qualified candidates rather than recommend them to the hiring manager.  This can drag out the process and eliminate qualified candidates from consideration.

It is key to add structure to your process by making sure your team understands the type of candidate you are searching for.

3. The right candidate is hired

By adding structure and a plan to your hiring process, you are allowing the opportunity for the right candidate to be hired.  A chaotic hiring process can make it very easy for excellent candidates to be overlooked or lost to other opportunities due to your lack of responsiveness or disorganization.

Keep in mind that the candidate is making sure you are a right fit for them as well.  A structured, well thought out hiring process is much more appealing and professional versus a chaotic, unorganized process.

Planning and structuring your hiring process can seem a bit daunting at first, but once you have a clear process in place it will eliminate confusion throughout the process.  Also, you will be able to follow and utilize this process for many future hiring needs rather than start from scratch each time.  Make sure you document and save your process for easy future reference.

There is no reason you cannot add structure to your hiring process today by implementing these three simple guidelines.

What are some ways that you add structure to your hiring process?  Share your tips below!

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