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A Sneak Peek Into Spark Hire’s HR Virtual Hiring Guide

Now that your hiring process has become almost entirely remote, it’s time to establish how to develop your virtual hiring playbook. That’s why we’re bringing you a sneak peek into our Virtual Hiring Guide, with actionable next steps for building a high-performing virtual hiring and onboarding process that works now and in the future.

Virtual Interviewing

Hiring managers have quickly discovered all the benefits of virtual interviewing. Video interviews are a great way to connect with candidates safely, while still gaining valuable insight into their experience and qualifications. Not to mention, these interviews can easily be shared among hiring teams, meaning no more scheduling sync headaches. 

It’s also important to note the different types of video interviews, and how these differences can benefit your process. 

One-way video interviews are a great alternative to your typical phone screening. Candidates record video responses to interview questions on their own time, making them flexible and convenient. It also provides a standardized structure to your preliminary interviews, helping to combat bias by comparing candidates based solely on the quality of their answers. These videos can also be shared with multiple team members, allowing for a more collaborative discussion-making process.

Live video interviews give you the opportunity to connect with candidates in real-time and are similar to your traditional in-person interview. These live conversations are automatically recorded so they are reviewable and shareable when the interview is completed, leading to seamless collaboration and discussion among your hiring team. It’s also an opportunity to provide a consistent, branded experience for the candidate. 

Employer Branding Content

Because your hiring process is entirely virtual, it’s essential to showcase your company culture throughout the interview experience. Use it as an opportunity to get candidates to continually opt in to your process. Share team pictures, customer reviews, or team-generated videos to demonstrate your company values and the general atmosphere around the (virtual) office. This personalization also creates a more engaging candidate experience and proves to be a key differentiator in the market. 

The Onboarding Process

A structured onboarding process is imperative to ensure a positive new-hire experience from the start. Remember, this is your new employees’ first impression of the company, and it can have a significant impact on their performance down the road. The effort you put in pre-hire will pay huge dividends post-hire. We recommend establishing an onboarding checklist as well as a training schedule to keep the process structured and on-track. This also allows you the opportunity to outline your expectations of a new-hire from the beginning.

But onboarding isn’t just training and orientation. A commonly overlooked component is quickly embedding new employees within your culture. Be sure to instill with them your company story, your core values, and the people you work with. It’s an effective way to make new hires feel comfortable and engaged with a new team while working remotely. 

Just the Beginning

That’s just the tip on the iceberg for our guide on HR virtual hiring. We encourage you to use these concepts as a starting point and create a playbook that works best for you and your team. For a more in-depth look, be sure to check out our new eBook, HR’s Virtual Hiring Guide!

Watch the How to Develop Your Virtual Hiring and Onboarding Playbook Webinar here!

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