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OutSail's Partnership with Spark Hire

OutSail’s Partnership with Spark Hire

Founded in 2018, OutSail has helped over 250 businesses find the right HR software to best suit their needs. With an emphasis on technology-focused recruitment solutions, our free services help companies build their requirements, get matched to the right vendors, and evaluate tools effectively. 


2020 was certainly a year of new and unique challenges, and it reinforced how invaluable the right software can be. It soon became obvious our clients were in need of innovative technology solutions that could tackle their HR needs in a virtual market. With that in mind, we developed a partnership with video interviewing leader, Spark Hire.  


The Spark Hire platform comes complete with a customizable interview experience that allows teams to streamline their candidate screening, improve remote collaboration with clients, and engage more with job seekers. Using video interviewing, our clients that use Spark Hire identify the best candidates for open positions in a fraction of the time. Now clients can screen candidates faster, safer, and more effectively than ever before. 


In one of our early conversations, Josh Tolan, CEO of Spark Hire told me, “With the war for best-fit talent raging on, we understand the need for companies to quickly connect with great candidates before they can be scooped up by competition. The combination of our video interviewing technology with your solutions allows hiring professionals to enhance their strategies for talent acquisition and ensure they’re making the best hiring decision every time.”


Working with Spark Hire allows us to bring more value to our clients and add a key differentiator to their hiring process. 


If you’re interested in checking out the Spark Hire and OutSail partnership or are an existing client that wants to get set up, contact us today!


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Brett Ungashick is the founder of OutSail, a Denver-based company that provides free services to help HR teams research, evaluate and select new technologies. Brett started his career by selling software to HR teams at LinkedIn, before recognizing a growing need from software buyers for support throughout their buying processes. OutSail was founded in 2018 and has helped over 250 companies with new HR software purchases including companies like SalesLoft, DoorDash and the Boys & Girls Club of America

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