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Low Hanging Fruit For Running Better Technical Interviews

Upcoming Webinar – Low Hanging Fruit For Running Better Tech Interviews

Tech recruiting is a challenging mission.

Unlike recruiting for other roles, it can be difficult to determine the skill level of the candidate you are speaking to.  While you can get a good idea of the skills they may possess from their past experiences and projects, there is really no tell tale sign to truly know if they will fix the gap you are trying to fill. This webinar will give you some strategies that you can start using immediately to improve your tech recruiting process. To help with this, we have partnered with Wojtek Erbetowski from Codility to bring you some low hanging fruit for running better tech interviews.

Here is what Wojtek will be covering:

Tech Recruiting 101

Having a solid process is the key to a successful recruiting experience. By having an airtight and repeatable recruiting process, you are giving yourself the solid foundation you need to create a kick-ass operation. In order to make sure your tech recruiting process is as optimized as possible, it is important to pay attention to things like: having a reliable process, understanding exactly what you’re looking for and also ensuring you are creating a positive candidate experience.

These may seem like routine parts of any hiring process, but by nailing the basics, you are giving yourself the best chance at recruiting the best candidates.

What makes an onsite technical interview great?

After you’ve screened your top candidate choices, you’re going to invite them to participate in an in person interview. This is an opportunity for you to further understand their skills to make certain they are as strong of a candidate as you believe them to be. In order to determine this, you should establish an understanding of what a great technical onsite interview actually looks like.

This is an often overlooked detail, that can end up being what turns your interviews from a base hit, to a home run.

Common low hanging fruit

In order to make sure you leave this webinar with some actionable advice, Wojtek will be sharing some of his best and easiest tips for running better technical interviews. These are common issues that every technical recruiter faces, but often times, these issues can be the most difficult to find solutions to. Not only will he be giving you his answers to these problems, but he will also be sharing what changes you can make today in an effort to help you fix them.

If you’re a technical recruiter looking to identify and fix inefficiencies in your interview process, this webinar is for you.

Low Hanging Fruit For Running Better Tech Interviews

**Download the recording here**

Kaitlynn Sirotkin