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Win Every Time: Repeatable Success Using Structured Recruiting

Why Structured Recruiting Creates Predictable Success

Having a structured recruiting process is the first step toward creating repeatable success at your organization. However, it is also one of the most overlooked pieces of the puzzle.

We’ve partnered with Workable and put together some actionable steps that will put you on the path to predictable success:

Set stages in your process

Are you keeping track of how long your hiring process takes? Many hiring professionals often don’t realize how long they’re keeping their candidates in the lurch! The simple solution to this problem is to ensure that you are getting back to your candidates in a timely fashion. As a general rule of thumb, candidates do not enjoy being left in the dark.  The easiest way to get turned down by your perfect candidate, is to come off as disorganized.

Decide on the purpose of each stage

Using structured recruiting means that each and every part of your hiring process should be methodically planned. This means focusing on structured interviews, thinking about who is responsible for each task, and what each stage of your process should look like.  When you take the time to think about what purpose each and every step should serve, your candidates will take notice. Not only will these actions help you and your team, but it will also help to create a positive candidate experience.

Add reporting

Data reporting is without a doubt one of the biggest topics of discussion across every industry. The world of HR and Recruiting is not immune; especially when talking about structured recruiting. While deciding what kind of data you should be tracking can seem like an overwhelming task, it is necessary. This can be as simple as keeping track of how many candidates you need at the top of your funnel to get the results you need at the bottom. Taking steps to report on your overall hiring process will give you better insights into what parts of your process are working, and which parts need some tweaks.

About the webinar

Join us on Tuesday, September 26th @ 12PM CT as Rob Long, VP of Product Marketing at Workable, covers what structured recruiting is and why it empowers HR professionals to get a seat at the table. He will also be walking through some strategies to effortlessly get hiring managers collaborating, as a way to increase the quality of your hires. You’ll also take away some actionable tips you can use to start making changes now, for repeatable success in the future

Rob currently helps companies hire better by understanding that fast-growing businesses and SMBs need intuitive recruiting workflows. He has been at Workable for 4 years, where he has helped to shape Workable into an all-in-one recruiting solution trusted by over 6,000 companies. Before Workable, Rob worked in recruiting for a number of years.

Repeatable Success Using Structured Recruiting

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