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Tricks to Getting More Applicants Webinar

[Webinar] Tricks to Getting More Applicants

Half of HR managers have open positions without qualified applicants, according to CareerBuilder’s 2019 Hiring study. Yet the same study found a wealth of workers willing and anticipating changing positions within the year. So where is the disconnect coming from?

Some hiring pros would blame the job market and superior offers from companies competing for similar talent.

But the best hiring pros rise above market conditions and learn to make the job market work for them

Best yet, next level hiring teams overcome these common hiring challenges without spending more money. Think you can become the hero of your stagnating open positions?

On Wednesday, July 17th at 12:00 pm CDT, you’ll find out! Spark Hire’s Growth Recruiting Webinar series hosts Ryan Kohler, Founder and CEO of ApplicantPro as he explains how you can master the application process and drive more qualified candidates into your open positions.

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Here’s what this webinar means for you:

Consistently Attract the Right Candidates

When you post a job ad you want applications to flood your inbox. Ideally, you receive tons of top tier, qualified candidates to review. If your flood is more like a small stream, frustration builds for the hiring team and especially the hiring manager. It’s crucial to be able to hire a quality new employee, no matter the position, time of year, or external factors.

Understand the Market’s Impact

The best way to wrestle control away from the job market is to understand it. Beyond understanding the market, you have to figure out where your organization fits into the mix. This knowledge will allow you to learn how to change with the flow of the market and stay relevant to potential candidates.

Increase Candidate Interest

Even for passive candidates and job seekers happy with their current job, your company can carry a positive employer reputation. When you’re known as a company that supports its employees, pays fair wages, and has a positive company culture, you become a point of first application when someone opens themselves up to a new job search, or recommends a company to someone looking for a new position.

About the Webinar

Join Spark Hire, and ApplicantPro for a presentation webinar on Wednesday, July 17th, 2019 at 12:00 pm CDT. Founder and CEO of ApplicantPro, Ryan Kohler, has a mission to help companies, managers, and HR teams improve their hiring results. He understands the gaps between an organization’s vision and your team’s goals. Learn his strategies to drive more applicants, increase candidate conversions, and more on the webinar!

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