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[Webinar] Companies Killing the Millennial Hiring Game

Your hiring process has been working great for years. Maybe you’ve made little updates here and there, but overall, it’s been smooth sailing. As you’ve worked with younger employees and candidates lately, perhaps you’ve seen a drop off in interest and applications for your positions.

What happened? It’s possible your current hiring process appeals best to potential employees of your generation. But the positions you fill most often are best suited for a new generation: Millennials. 

This generation, well-known for “killing” industries across the board, are leveraging their power as the most employed generation to change the way business is conducted to its core. Their impact is even felt in your hiring process, from your talent pool, to candidate conversion, and time to hire.

Now, you can have your most pressing millennial hiring questions answered on-demand! Spark Hire’s Growth Recruiting Webinar series brought together hiring experts from Spark Hire, BambooHR, and Criteria Corp, to discuss the best ways to start killing the millennial hiring game.

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What this means for you:

Effective Communication with Millennial Candidates

Which modernized recruiting tools are really worth it? What language, methods, and tools actually help you connect, relate, and present a positive employer brand to millennial candidates?

This generation’s formative years were spent in the technology boom of the 90’s and 00’s. They reach for technology, the internet, and their phones, like you reache for a cold glass of lemonade on a hot day. To approach candidates where they are, how far do you have to go to integrate into their preferred methods of communication?

Millennials’ Influence on HR Processes

Millennials have different expectations about how business should be conducted. They crave transparency, responsiveness, and a good fit. In the past, HR processes focused on the needs of the employer. But with the changing talent market, more importance is placed on the candidate experience. Your company and its values have to stand out and appeal to millennial priorities.

Tools Built to Improve the HR Function in a Millennial Talent Pool

Because of these different needs, some tools on the market can drastically improve the ROI of your hiring process to reach this generation. There are also tools that will have no impact on your process and even – those that make your ROI worse. The key is to look at the candidate experience armed with the perspective of the Millennial generation.

About the Webinar

Join Spark Hire, BambooHR, and Criteria Corp for a discussion-style panel webinar any time you’d like by watching it on-demand. CEO of Spark Hire, Josh Tolan, Head of Talent Acquisition at BambooHR, JD Conway, and Vice President of Sales and Strategic Partnerships at Criteria Corp, Amyra Rand engaged in a lively discussion on how to best source, interview, and hire the millennial generation.

Click here to watch the webinar!

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