infographic on job search privacy

Job Search Confidentiality #INFOGRAPHIC

Do you think you would know if one of your employees was looking for a new job? Since nearly everything these days is done online, it’s exceedingly difficult for job seekers (and your employees) to keep their job search a secret. At the same time, should job seekers that are currently employed be afforded a certain amount of privacy?

Well, according to this infographic from 76 percent of job seekers do not think it is even possible to keep an online job search private. However, 88 percent of them feel as though it is very important to keep a job search secret. Somehow, these two things to not quite add up. Furthermore, 30 percent of job seekers that were employed said that it would be worse if their coworkers knew they were searching for a job than if they were participating in an office romance? Do you agree? Take a look at the infographic below and see how confidentiality in the job search is viewed by your employees, and perhaps even yourself.

The Job Search Confidentiality