Spark Hire Podcast for the Week of February 4

Spark Hire PodcastDoes your company employ a probationary period for new hires? What do you think of it? For some companies, it’s a great way to test out a new employee before fully committing to bringing them onto the team. On the other hand, it could make things a bit confusing or ambiguous for the new hire. Tune into our podcast and hear what we have to say about it and why it can be ambiguous.

This week we also talk about how implementing a social media policy can really improve your company culture. Some companies prefer their employees to avoid social media at work altogether. However, a recent study found that employees that were allowed to take short, 10-minute breaks were actually more productive than employees that were barred from social media completely. What is your opinion? Listen in on our podcast and join the conversation!

Articles Covered
Should You Have a Probationary Period?
Social Media Policies for Better Company Culture

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HOST – Nicole Nicholson (Content Editor at Spark Hire)
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