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5 Ways to Ensure Better Collaboration with Video Interviews

According to the late Steve Jobs, “You need to have a collaborative hiring process,” and if you’re interviewing as a team (which you should be), seamless collaboration is critical. Since attracting and retaining great people determines the success of an organization, getting more people involved, and collaborating is essential for coming to great decisions.

Video interview software modernizes traditional hiring processes by speeding up screening and interviewing while also improving internal collaboration. For instance, video interviews enable informed decisions on new hires and reduce the risk of bad hires. With a bad hire costing a company 30% – 50% of their annual salary to replace just an entry-level employee (as much as 150%-400% for high-level roles), catching ill-fitting candidates early on is a massive advantage for your company as a whole.

Below, we will discuss how improving your organization’s internal collaboration strategy using video interviews ultimately streamlines your decisions and increases the likelihood of better decisions regarding new hires.

Work as a team

When paper resumes pile up, time-strapped hiring managers use video interviewing technology to collaborate at their convenience. Recruiters send over top video interviews to hiring managers to view, comment, and rate candidates in no time. Managers then share video interviews with other departments within the company to evaluate culture fit and skill set. 

With video interviews, recruiters deliver the right talent, and internal teams ensure their success within the company. This kind of teamwork makes for both happy recruiters and successful organizations.

Get creative

Many recruiting professionals and hiring managers get creative with their processes by replacing phone screens with video interviews. Why? Because with video, you gain additional insight before investing the time and effort of inviting talent to an in-person interview. You can see things like facial expressions, mannerisms, and other nonverbal cues that cannot be detected with phone screens. 

One-way video interviews help you avoid scheduling issues because candidates record their responses remotely when it’s most convenient for them. On the same note, your entire team fits reviewing applicants into their busy schedules without coordinating schedules. 

Outline a seamless process

Outline every step of your process. Then, deliver the strategy, including goals, to each member involved in the recruitment and hiring process. If you are implementing video interviews at a particular time in your process, prepare everyone by ensuring they understand how this method of selection will move forward.

Keeping everyone on the same page allows everyone to know what to expect and when to expect it. As your entire team collaborates toward a common goal, you’ll experience the efficiency gains of collecting instant feedback from everyone on your team. 

See the same thing

Video interviews reduce the chances of unintentional bias and clutter during the hiring process. When there is an instance of a large number of applicants applying for open positions, it can be difficult for interviewers to organize notes and communicate effectively with other decision-makers. Many times, notes are lost, misinterpreted, or not even taken at all.

Everyone involved in candidate selection reviews the same thing when video interviews are implemented. This helps you succeed in conducting a more standardized hiring process, reducing the opportunity for misevaluation and bias. When everyone is on the same page, companies come to decisions faster and reduce the risk of losing a great hire due to hiring too slow.

Encourage internal rating and commenting

Not every person on your team will have the time to review and discuss every single applicant in a live, face-to-face interview. This means their standards regarding what to assess and how to measure it is different. Upon reviewing the video interviews, allow each decision-maker a few minutes to rate and comment on talent via your interviewing software. 

As a result, you’ll open up a conversation regarding which candidates will move on to the next step of the hiring process. With video interviews, you can be more selective when choosing who comes into the office early, which reduces duplicate efforts and eliminates unnecessary follow-up with unqualified candidates.

MeySen Academy uses a 5-star rating system to the point where any applicant who scores three stars or more on their video interview rating gets moved on to the next phase in their hiring process, which is the face-to-face interview in this particular example. This helps cut down administrative time allotted to scheduling interviews with will eliminate unqualified candidates early on, and helps foster validation.



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This post was updated in November 2022

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