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The Anatomy of a Leader #infographic

infographicAs hiring manager, you may not always be looking to hire leaders. Sometimes you need to hire those that are willing to be part of a team directed by one or two strong leaders. In fact, a team full of leaders may actually be counter-intuitive. “Too many chefs in the kitchen!” However, when you are looking to hire a leader, you want to be sure you are looking for the right characteristics. Sometimes you can spot a leader from afar in the hiring process, but other times you may have to dig a little deeper to pull out those leadership qualities. In this infographic, you can take a look at what qualities the guys over at the Academy of Leadership and Management deem as leadership qualities.

The top quality that seems to make a leader is motivation. When someone is highly motivated to succeed and be great at what they do, they may just become the leader of the pack driving others to do the same. On the flip side, intellect does not a leader make. One can be extremely intellectual and knowledgeable, but still not have “the right stuff” to make them a leader. Take a look at what else seems to make a leader and start looking for those qualities in your candidates if need be.

The Anatomy Of Leaders

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