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Top 10 HR Blog Posts of 2012

It’s been a big year in the hiring and recruiting world. Video interviewing is on the rise, Facebook has a job board and we’re all still trying to get ‘Call Me Maybe’ out of our heads. As the year draws to a close, it’s time to look back at where we’ve been. What better way than to review the posts sharing knowledge, breaking new ideas and giving useful advice for HR pros?

These top ten blog posts helped keep us informed and on top of trends this year. So, without further ado, here are the top 10 hiring and recruiting blog posts of 2012. Read them before the ball drops and ushers us into the brave new world of 2013:

Crafting a Welcome Letter to New Employees on Upstart HR: Need to know how to craft the perfect welcome letter to bring new employees into the fold? Look no further than this quick and simple primer by Ben Eubanks.
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HR: From the End of the World To Your Town on Welcome to the Occupation: In this post by Paul Smith, he dispels the misconception that HR is more interested in employers than employees. He says something we certainly believe is true: everyone should have a friend in HR.
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Employee Engagement: Here’s Why It’s a Worldwide Problem on TLNT: This smart article by Jacque Vilet looks at the problems with employee engagement on a worldwide scale. Broken down by country, Vilet looks at the problems with employee engagement here and abroad.
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Crowdsourcing the Employee Performance Review on Blogging4Jobs: Crowdsourcing can be great for answering questions and offering advice. But can crowdsourcing even help with your employee performance reviews? Jessica Miller-Merrell certainly thinks so in this interesting post on how to use crowdsourcing for employee recognition.
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8 Questions to Measure Your Behavioral Interviewing Competence on A good behavioral interview is an art form, and one many hiring managers and recruiters haven’t quite mastered. In this post, Dr. Wendell Williams helps by providing some questions to help measure your behavioral interviewing skills.
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Mentors or Coaches – Why You Need Both on HR Bartender: Do you need a mentor or a coach? Why choose, have both! At least that’s the advice offered in this helpful post from Sharlyn Lauby.
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HR’s Dirty Little Secret – We Don’t Like to Hire Vets on Fistful of Talent: This controversially titled post is actually a good look by author Tim Sackett on why HR pros shy away from veteran candidates and why they should think again about talented vets.
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How to Stop Your Internal Resistance to Change on Work Awesome: As the new year approaches, isn’t it time to accept and embrace change? After all, the world of hiring and recruiting is always changing, and if you’re standing still, everyone else is just passing you by. Timo Kiander outlines why it’s important to stop resisting change in order to move forward.
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Five Ways to Fix HR on The Cynical Girl: HR needs to keep moving forward and author Laurie Ruettimann suggests fives ways in which the field can improve.
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HR and Recruiting Need To Get More Visual on The HR Ringleader: It’s no surprise HR is taking stock of the visual medium. From video resumes to Pinterest pages, visual media seems to be everywhere now. Here, author Trish McFarlane outlines some reasons HR should care a bit more about image.
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Great posts, right? And just in case you missed them, here are the top five posts in 2012 right from Spark Hire’s own HR blog:

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