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How to Know When Your Star Recruiter Has Checked Out

How to Know When Your Star Recruiter Has Checked OutIt is difficult to find good recruiters.  That is why it can be so easy to overlook signs that one of your star recruiters has checked out and is no longer engaged.  Some of the signs are very easy to pinpoint, as long as you are keeping track of production numbers and taking notice of any changes in the recruiter’s work pattern

Production Numbers

A recruiter’s production numbers are one of the first things you should always be keeping an eye on.  For example, if you track presentations, interviews, and hires, it should be very easy to see any change in trends.  If your star recruiter typically achieves 5 hires in a month, but you notice the number is dropping, take a look at the interviews and presentations.  If you notice that all production numbers are low, it’s time to have a chat with your recruiter.

If you are not tracking production numbers for your recruiting team, you must begin immediately.

Lack of Passion

Take notice of any changes in your recruiter’s habits and attitude.  If your star recruiter typically shows up every day before 8AM, excited to start the day, it should be a red flag when that same recruiter begins showing up to work late and leaving right at 5PM.  Most star recruiters are very passionate about their work, causing them to work far beyond the Monday through Friday, 8 to 5 schedule.

Most of your best recruiters will have a true passion for the hunt and the recruiting business overall.  This passion is not typically hidden and can be seen on the faces of many recruiters whenever a placement is made or lost.  When your recruiter loses a placement, what is the reaction?  If the reaction used to be disappointment but is now a nonchalant shrug of the shoulders, your recruiter may very well have checked out.

Lack of Improvement

In most instances when a manager notices changes in a recruiter’s performance, there is a string of conversations and or counseling that happens next.  Quite often, managers will start with an open conversation with the employee.  If there is no improvement, they will then move on with written counseling.  This lets the recruiter know that you are serious and that the recruiter needs to get back on track or things could go south very quickly.

If you see no improvement from your recruiter, in spite of several discussions and written counseling, you should begin searching for that recruiter’s replacement.  One of two things will happen: you will let the recruiter go, or the recruiter will resign.  In either instance, you will need to hire a new recruiter.

What are some ways you determine if your recruiter has checked out and how do you handle the situation?  Please share your input in the comments below.

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