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3 Ways to Find Talent in Technical Recruiting

3 Ways to Find Talent in Technical Recruiting

Sourcing technical talent is growing more and more competitive as companies are fighting for the best candidates.  As shown in the Talent Puzzle infographic in Mashable’s article, annually, there are 122,300 tech jobs in the US, with only 59,731 computer science graduates.

For technical recruiters, this means that our challenge to find and place top talent in this field is huge.  Here are 3 things we can do to help attract top technical talent:

1. Social Media

As a technical recruiter, whether you are retained or contingent, corporate or third party, you need to be on LinkedIn.  LinkedIn is overflowing with profiles of technical talent.  This talent may not be actively posting resumes or searching for other opportunities, but when it comes down to it, they are often very open to considering an opportunity if it is a good fit for them.

You need to be active on LinkedIn daily, participating in technical groups and connecting with technical talent.  Even if someone is not interested in your opportunity, they may know someone who would be.  Referrals are key in this business.

Build your network and increase your activity on LinkedIn and overtime you will see your ROI.

2. Go Mobile

Offer mobile solutions to talent.  What does your company website look like?  Do you offer a mobile app where talent can easily access your job openings and apply with ease?

Technical talent is looking for fast, easy, and tech-savvy ways to do business.  The easier you make your advertising and job application process, the more likely you are to receive applications from top technical talent who may not be visible on job boards or via time consuming applications and job posting sites.

Also, discuss with your client how technically advanced their systems are.  Do they have mobile access to their databases, ensuring ease of access to their tech employees?  Stress the importance of going mobile and how this can be an eye catcher to the top technical talent your client is looking for.

3. Be flexible

When hunting technical talent, it is important as recruiters that we are flexible and open to new, technological resources.  For example, technical talent may be experimenting with video resumes and may be more open to flexible options such as video interviewing.  Being able to accept and offer these options will make the application and interview process simpler for technical talent, making you and your client more attractive.

In addition, speak with your client about their offerings to employees regarding work schedules.  Top technical talent is highly attracted to flexible work environments that don’t require the standard 8 to 5 business hours or face time in the office.

What are some other ways that you attract top talent as a technical recruiter?  Please share your tips in the comments below.

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Julia Weeks

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