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4 Ways to Use Spark Hire's Video Interviewing Platform Beyond Hiring

4 Ways to Use Spark Hire’s Video Interview Platform Beyond Hiring

Most people associate a video interview platform with the hiring process. And for the most part, they’re correct. 

However, our platform provides value well beyond interviews to streamline workflow and communication for hiring teams and beyond. As you decide what technology your company needs, it’s critical to evaluate which tools can extend beyond hiring and positively impact the company whether you’re hiring or not. This ensures your organization spends less money investing in redundant tools. 

To help you make an accurate, calculated decision, we’re sharing how you can use all of our easy-to-use, all-in-one video interview features outside of the hiring process: 

Manage team schedules

The stress associated with messy, over-complicated schedules isn’t unique to scheduling interviews. Your organization’s priorities shift throughout the year, which means employees must efficiently move between interviews, company meetings, collaboration opportunities, and more. 

Unfortunately, there’s often too much internal and external back-and-forth for teams to track efficiently. Our scheduling software allows anyone to view colleagues’ calendars and pick an open time slot. This means no more back-and-forth, double-booking, or miscommunication. 

Additionally, if your employees or clients are scattered around the globe, the software automatically accounts for time zones, further improving efficiency. Our setup is as simple as connecting Spark Hire with their current calendar application, including iCloud, Google, Office 365, Exchange, and

Communicate internally 

Whether your company is remote, has multiple locations, or you need to prepare for unexpected events that keep employees out of the office, our video software allows for instant and personalized communication. 

Co-workers can join live one-on-one meetings straight from their browsers on any device. As a result, they’re able to collaborate face-to-face and interact in bonding activities. Should they run into any unexpected issues, our support team is ready to help. 

Of course, even in a virtual setting, employees aren’t always available to meet at the same time. Keep everyone informed by sending a link to review the full-length, recorded meeting. 

Connect via branded video 

Video is the future — in everything. It enhances many aspects of business, from interviewing to marketing, social networking, and sales. 

Our video interview platform has many sales support features. In reality, convincing a candidate to join your company is very similar to persuading a potential client to buy your product or service. With the video interview feature, your company can customize communications with brand colors and logos to ‘present’ and connect with soon-to-be clients in a live setting. 

Live video allows you to answer questions in real-time. This cuts out unnecessary wait times when clients need solutions, or potential clients are looking at other options. 

Network through video messaging

Even when you’re not actively hiring, you need to be networking and connecting with candidates. Additionally, others in your company are continually building relationships with clients and other vital connections. 

Our personalized video messaging allows you to easily select a video to record and upload to send company and product updates. In addition to adding personality with video, you can customize the content you want to appear alongside your video message and brand it with your company logo and colors. 

Once the personalized messages are sent, you’ll receive an email notification when specific people open your video message. These notifications offer your team windows of opportunities to reach out and further connect with target audiences. 

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Josh Tolan

Josh Tolan is the Founder and CEO of Spark Hire, a video interviewing platform used by 6,000+ customers in over 100 countries.