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5 Hiring Tools that Should be on Everybody's Wishlist

5 Hiring Tools that Should be on Everybody’s Wishlist

A hiring professional is only as good as the tools they use. Well, that isn’t entirely true, but your hiring tools can make or break your best laid hiring process. And when faced with thin hiring budgets, it’s essential you get the biggest bang for your buck when making a list of the best hiring tools.

With technology constantly evolving, the market is saturated with new tools and trends. It’s easy to get caught up or overwhelmed by the hype over the ‘next best thing.’ That’s why we’ve reached out to hiring experts to learn more about the hiring tools they’ve tested and trust. Here are the 5 top tools hiring pros recommend for your wishlist:

Automated pre-screening questionnaire tool

Nate MastersonOne of the most valuable assets for a company is time, which is why you should work on getting your HR team an automated pre-screening questionnaire tool. Having an automated questionnaire can help filter out undesirable candidates without requiring any effort from HR employees. Depending on the size of your company, a tool like this can help you eliminate hundreds of candidates a year. This way, your company’s resources (employee time, conference rooms, etc.) can be devoted solely to the candidates most worth investing in.

Nate Masterson, HR Manager at Maple Holistics


I really like Sourcehub. Sourcehub can help you search on different social sites, such as LinkedIn, for potential candidates, narrowing it down by the skills you’d like them to have and the location of the job. Instead of manually searching for potential employees, this automated search tool saves you huge amounts of time.

KennyTrinh Founder and CEO of Netbooknews


Kenny TrinhTextio is also a great tool. It helps recruiters write more compelling job descriptions. It can predict the kind of response your ad might have with potential applicants, correct wording errors and help you as you make the necessary changes. This can immensely help you attract the correct people you want for the job, increasing the chances of a successful recruit. With the use of these two tools, hiring managers are steps ahead of the competition in finding and hiring the perfect candidate for your company.

Kenny Trinh, Founder and CEO of Netbooknews


Robert PaoneAs a recruiter or hiring manager, you schedule meetings with candidates on a frequent basis. I’ve found Calendly to be a tool that saves incredible amounts of time by removing the, “Are you free this date and this time, Oh no? How about this time instead?” back-and-forth emails. Being able to schedule emails that fit my calendar with a simple link is a fantastic time saver and keeps my schedule clean from conflict overlaps. Calendly has a freemium model so you don’t even need to add it to your wishlist, just try the free version for a bit and see if it’s worthwhile to upgrading to a premium plan in the future.

Robert Paone, Founder of Proof of Talent

LinkedIn Recruiter

Erin MurphreeAs a talent acquisition specialist who works on positions nationwide, LinkedIn is my number one go-to tool! LinkedIn is a very powerful network. The trouble is, many do not even know how powerful it is. From a recruiter’s perspective, you really need to have access to LinkedIn Recruiter. This specialized LinkedIn account allows you to conduct searches utilizing locations, job titles, skill sets, companies, schools, keywords, and much more. It gives you the opportunity to send personalized InMail to individuals that you are interested in, without being connected to them directly. This is a MUST have tool for anyone in the recruiting world!

Erin Murphree, Talent Acquisition Manager at PrimePay


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Josh Tolan

Josh Tolan is the Founder and CEO of Spark Hire, a video interviewing platform used by 6,000+ customers in over 100 countries.