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Don’t Settle for Less – Focus on Finding These Hiring Technology Features

Since 2020, your HR team has met and overcome numerous changes and challenges. Now that you’ve evaluated the needs and gaps in your current hiring process, it’s clear you need to invest in new tools to support your hybrid hiring process.

With much of the workforce shifting to hybrid and remote systems, hiring technology has evolved rapidly to keep up. This means there are dozens (if not more) of platforms potentially suitable to meet your hiring team’s needs. But with so many features available, it can be overwhelming to sort out the fine details that are going to make your hybrid hiring process successful.

To give you a headstart, we’ve narrowed the focus to six priorities when selecting the best hybrid hiring platform and the key features you need to identify:

Streamline scheduling

One of the biggest challenges to managing an effective hybrid hiring team is scheduling. You have to accommodate for busy candidate schedules while members of your hiring team are working outside the office. Even if your remote hiring team members are not on a flexible work schedule, you have to account for communicating virtually when coordinating interviews.

Choosing the right hybrid hiring technology makes all the difference when scheduling video interviews. Selecting a platform that combines the ability for your hiring team to schedule and conduct live and one-way video interviews from one tool streamlines each step of the process. 

For example, a dedicated video interview platform makes it possible for candidates to put themselves into interviewers’ schedules no matter the stage of the interview process they are in. And team members have constant access to each other’s availability to coordinate interview collaboration.

Key scheduling features: 

  • Easily connect calendars
  • Customize settings
  • Send scheduling links

Enhance collaboration

Effective collaboration is essential to making the best hiring decisions. The ease at which you connect with key decision-makers ensures timely feedback drives the hiring process forward. After all, more than half (55%) of candidates believe it should take only one to two weeks from the first interview to being offered a job, according to reports from Zety

When looking for new technology to connect your hybrid hiring team, identify how collaboration tools enable decision-makers to record their feedback and compare their interview reviews to notes from other members of the team. Ideally, you want to choose a platform that allows everyone in the hiring process to review video interviews and easily provide and share feedback within the cloud-based tool.

Key collaboration features:

  • Share video interview links with unlimited decision-makers
  • No login required
  • Get notifications of where everyone is in the review process
  • Collect and share reviews and candidate ratings

Improve the candidate experience

Streamlining scheduling and providing timely feedback are just two ways updating your hybrid hiring technology improves the candidate experience. Candidates also enjoy the ease of submitting one-way video interviews at their convenience. And integrating video interviews into your structured interview process helps talent feel more comfortable and confident with your team’s unbiased hiring decisions. 

In the same way you want to choose new hiring technology your team can grasp quickly, you want your tools to be easy-to-use for candidates. Selecting a hybrid hiring platform from which you can share quick-access interview links, an interactive calendar, interview process updates, and technical support ensures candidates have everything they need to be successful when interviewing for your open roles. 

Key candidate experience features:

  • Invite candidates to submit video interviews anytime from anywhere
  • Allow candidates to schedule themselves into interviewers availability
  • Provide timely interview feedback
  • Access technical support

Boost employer branding

Creating a positive candidate experience means your talent pool is always brimming with eager talent. Word of mouth is a great way to boost your employer brand. CareerArc found in 2021, 82% of candidates consider employer brand reputation before applying for a job. But it also takes some of the pressure off your hiring team and employees creating a more positive experience for everyone associated with your brand.

When you adopt hiring technology that empowers your hybrid hiring team to be as efficient as possible, top-quality talent funnels into open roles quickly. This means candidates spend less time in your hiring process, where they could be grabbed up by the competition. And your employees spend less time covering for gaps in your workforce.

Your employer brand also benefits from features that create a more personal experience for candidates. This can be achieved through custom branding and making personalized connections through video.

Key employer branding features:

  • Custom branding across calendars, interviews, and evaluation tools
  • Collect valuable data through surveys
  • Create and share custom video introductions 

Bonus branding tip: If you look for hiring technology that lets you customize the video interview experience with brand logos and colors, your brand sticks in the minds of candidates funneling through your hiring process.

Build a talent library

Not every top candidate can be offered a job…right now. You can ease the talent sourcing process for future open roles by building a talent library of silver-medal candidates. It’s easier than ever for hiring teams in and out of the office to access important information about candidates who interviewed for previous positions.

If you look for a hiring tool that allows you to save video interviews, along with important evaluations, future hiring decision-makers have quick access to top talent already vetted for culture fit, required skills, and more.

Key talent library features:

  • Save one-way video interviews and original reviews
  • Organize candidate profiles
  • Access a pre-vetted talent source as needed

Engage and retain talent

What’s better than a hiring platform that engages candidates? One that serves to retain new hires well beyond the hiring process.

HR budgets run thin quicker than you like to think about. The best way to make your budget stretch is to invest in tools that serve multiple functions for your hiring team and organization. As you assess new hiring technologies for your hybrid hiring team, consider the ways features can improve communication, collaboration, and engagement outside of hiring.

For example, scheduling tools can be used between departments to coordinate important meetings regardless of whether employees are present in the office. And video messaging tools are a great way to keep remote employees informed and feeling connected to the in-office staff. 

Choosing a video interview platform that offers your HR team solutions from hiring to managing various components of a hybrid workforce saves you time and money, both which you can pour back into your company’s growth.

Key engagement and retention features:

  • Access team schedules
  • Live video communication tools
  • Record employee profile videos
  • Stay connected with branded videos

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Josh Tolan

Josh Tolan is the Founder and CEO of Spark Hire, a video interviewing platform used by 6,000+ customers in over 100 countries.