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Product Announcement New SMS Feature – Reminders Boost Interview Completion Rates

Product Announcement: New SMS Feature – Reminders Boost Interview Completion Rates

We’re dedicated to bringing you and your candidates the best possible hiring experience. If you missed the last update, we launched a new SMS feature to help you connect with talent faster and more conveniently. Our SMS feature allows you to include candidate phone numbers and send out automated text messages to encourage video interview completion.

As of Monday, October 31, 2022, all customers with SMS functionality automatically have access to SMS reminders – no opt-in required!

As a busy HR or recruiting professional, we know your time is limited and valuable, so we designed this SMS upgrade to require no additional steps from you. Once your candidates’ phone numbers have been added, they will now receive the initial invitation and a helpful reminder.

Did you know? SMS messages are opened at a rate of 98%! Candidates will have the best chance of seeing the request to complete the interview and meet your interview deadline with SMS reminders.

The reminder will be sent out 24 hours before the candidate’s interview deadline. If their deadline falls between 8 pm and 8 am in the candidate’s timezone (we want your candidates well-rested and not worried about missing updates!), they will receive a reminder at 8 pm the day before their deadline. This will ensure they have plenty of time to record and submit their video interview during waking hours.

Our priority is to help you speed up your time to hire and this means getting top candidates to complete their video interviews timely and conveniently. If you’re not using our SMS video invitation feature, check out this post to learn more. Then, connect with your Customer Success Team member to find out how to upgrade your account today!

Product Announcement SMS Interview Invitations Are Here

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