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Product Announcement: New Password-Free Candidate Login

Product Announcement: New Password-Free Candidate Login

Our team at Spark Hire is excited to bring you another update to our platform. We listened to your feedback and created a new passwordless interview experience for your candidates. By not requiring candidates to create a personal login or account to complete their video interviews, Spark Hire now offers a more effective way to connect with talent faster and more efficiently.

Improving the Candidate Experience & Boosting Interview Completion 

We’ve redesigned and simplified our interview process to remove the step of creating individual candidate accounts. Now, when you invite a candidate to complete and submit a one-way video interview, they’ll receive an invitation email with a link to begin their interview. 

This new link, what we call a magic link, will be specifically created for the email you entered into Spark Hire. It will automatically recognize the user and no longer require a personal login. Each candidate will be immediately directed to their interview and simply be asked to accept the terms of use before beginning to record.

This process is similar to using an open interview link with the incredible benefit of candidates confirming their email to ensure you have the right contact information. 

Benefits of a password-free login include

  • faster and easier video interview submission – improving the candidate experience
  • the removal of a potentially confusing step in the video interview process 
  • a higher interview completion rate by candidates – boosting your key metrics

We appreciate the amazing feedback from customers and candidates that helps our team continue to build on and improve the Spark Hire video interview experience. Stay tuned for more updates!

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