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Talent Communities: The Secret to Proactive Recruiting Watch

[Webinar] Talent Communities: The Secret to Proactive Recruiting

Every company goes through hiring droughts. Your posted positions just seem to sit in your applicant tracking system, attracting dust. The hiring team spends days working on outbound recruiting, talking to rising graduates at career fairs, and reviewing resumes of past applicants with little to show for their efforts.

The long time to hire hurts your team’s metrics, the short-staffed team’s productivity, and your company’s profits. How do you get potential applicants excited to join your company? And do you ever really interact with past applicants?

In the recorded webinar, you’ll have the answers! Spark Hire’s Growth Recruiting Webinar series hosts Phil Strazzulla, CEO of NextWave Hire as he explains how talent communities and proactive recruiting prevent your talent pool from drying up.

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What this webinar means for you:

Uncover the Uncommitted

Proactive recruiting allows you to collect some information from candidates before they complete an application. This means you can look into their background, even if they don’t apply right that moment. Your team can begin qualifying candidates and find potential applicant pools previously overlooked.

Educate Applicants

When candidates show interest in your company, you can make your company even more enticing. Cater your outreach to focus on the ins and outs of daily company life, office perks, and other most attractive elements of your company. Understanding candidates’ interests personalizes your outreach by announcing job openings best fit for them or sending employee testimonials from the team they’d best fit.

Maintain Company Visibility

Promoting your company culture and hiring brand means candidates stay engaged with your outreach. Engaged candidates are more likely to find your company attractive in their job search. Personally inviting them to apply for positions that fit their strengths improves the quality of your talent pool. A quality talent pool encourages candidates to leap at the opportunity to join your team.

About the Webinar

CEO and Founder of NextWave Hire, Phil Strazzulla is a hiring branding expert who works with organizations to improve their hiring process throughout the year. He produces actionable plans of attack for bringing the best quality hires to your company through proactive recruiting and talent communities. Learn his secrets and how to make these tools work for you on the webinar!

Click here to watch the webinar!

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