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How Achievement Network Hits Big Hiring Goals with a Lean Team with Spark Hire

Customer Spotlight – How Achievement Network Hits Big Hiring Goals with a Lean Team with Spark Hire


Here at Spark Hire, we consistently strive to better serve our customers to improve speed to hire and quality of hire around the world with the most innovative hiring solution – video interviewing software. 

We had the pleasure of interviewing Kristal Shropshire, Director of Talent Acquisition at Achievement Network, to learn more about how Spark Hire’s video interview software helps her lean team hit big hiring goals with video interview software.

Achievement Network is a nonprofit organization founded by teachers for teachers. For over a decade it has served teachers and students across the United States, creating classrooms where every student can thrive. 

Serving over 300,000 students in 26 states, the growth hiring needs of the Achievement Network is a big undertaking for its talent acquisition managers. Covering full-cycle recruitment for approximately 200 individuals makes it challenging to keep up with timely candidate assessments.

Fortunately, Spark Hire was ready to take on the challenge of speeding up and streamlining the Achievement Network hiring process. By implementing innovative video interview software, the talent acquisition team has increased its candidate assessment speed and developed a more consistent hiring process for candidates across the country.

“Before Spark Hire, we had an issue with capacity. With a lean team, it’s hard to cover interviews with individuals, the scheduling, the rescheduling, and then also execute on the full cycle recruitment. Now that we have Spark Hire, it has been tenfold an opportunity for us to leverage our capacity in a different way.”

Additionally, hiring managers at Achievement Network strongly believe the increased flexibility in the hiring process has drastically improved their diversity hiring initiatives. Allowing candidates to record and submit one-way video interviews when, where, and how the process best fits into their schedule increases interview completion and encourages a wider talent pool to apply.

 “We have a big diversity goal, and we’re seeing that being more flexible with how we are interviewing really helps to draw in folks from all backgrounds.”

Since adding one-way video interviews to the hiring process, decision-makers realized they can collect candidate insights and collaborate about future hiring needs. Rather than being pressed to fill roles rapidly and under pressure, they can use video responses from pre-vetted applicants to consider current and future opportunities. This ensures they keep highly-qualified talent in their pipeline.

“If you’re thinking about using Spark Hire, go for it. Hiring managers aren’t always engaged. Spark Hire gives them a direct line to the candidate and an opportunity to really understand and assess the quality of the pool.”

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