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How the Center for Creative Leadership Screens Talent Faster and Streamlines Tasks with Spark Hire

Customer Spotlight – How the Center for Creative Leadership Screens Talent Faster and Streamlines Tasks with Spark Hire


Here at Spark Hire, we consistently strive to serve our customers better to improve speed to hire and quality of hire around the world with the most innovative hiring solution – video interviewing software. 

We were fortunate to talk with Sherita Gatling, a senior HR business partner with the Center for Creative Leadership. She shared insights into how her team uses Spark Hire’s innovative video interview software to move candidates through the hiring process faster, saving her team time and money.

The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL)® is a top-ranked, global, nonprofit provider of leadership development. Over the past 50 years, they’ve worked with organizations of all sizes from around the world, including more than 2/3 of the Fortune 1000. Its professional training solutions are steeped in extensive research.

As a nonprofit, the Center for Creative Leadership has unique hiring needs. HR and hiring team members frequently found themselves in the position of managing several critical tasks simultaneously. 

The seamless execution of talent management, talent development, performance management, employee relations as well as hiring and onboarding new talent are all essential to company growth. It became evident to the team that a solution to screen talent faster and speed up hiring be found in order to keep productivity on track.

Spark Hire stepped up to the challenge. 

By implementing Spark Hire video interview software, the HR team members have streamlined the hiring process so they can manage their tasks more efficiently. In fact, hiring decision-makers at all levels find it easy to multi-task and hit more performance goals than their traditional hiring process allowed.

Even better, they can screen talent faster than ever. This ensures they connect with the best-fit candidates early in the process.

“Using Spark Hire has allowed us to move candidates through the process quickly. We are able to reach out to a large number of candidates early on through the screening process.”

Spark Hire’s scheduling tools simplify collaboration across the Center for Creative Leadership team. Sending one-way video interview invitations speeds up early screening, getting top talent in front of key stakeholders sooner. But more importantly, Spark Hire’s unique feedback and talent ranking system ensure critical information about candidates is communicated between everyone in the hiring process from HR to hiring managers.

“We use it for a lot of our executive roles and we found great value in it. And now just about all of our hiring managers use this in their recruiting processes.” 

Since finding Spark Hire’s No. 1 video interview software solution, there’s no looking back from the HR and hiring team at the Center for Creative Leadership.

“If you’re thinking about using Spark Hire, I suggest you go for it. It is worth the investment.”


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