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How Bentkey Ventures Saved Over 400 Hours Hiring with Spark Hire Video Interviews

Customer Spotlight – How Bentkey Ventures Saved Over 400 Hours Hiring with Spark Hire Video Interviews


Here at Spark Hire, we consistently strive to better serve our customers to improve speed to hire and quality of hire around the world with the most innovative hiring solution – video interviewing software. 

We had the pleasure of interviewing Julia Vlahos, a Recruiter at Bentkey Ventures, to learn more about how Spark Hire’s video interview software helped her team save over 400 hours screening nearly 900 candidates with video interviews. 

Bentkey Ventures produces and hosts The Daily Wire. It’s the fastest-growing conservative media platform in the United States of America. As a popular resource for Entertainment, News, Culture, Politics, Publishing, Production, and Podcasts, The Daily Wire has a widespread presence and demand for consistent growth that recruiters at Bentkey Ventures must rise to meet. 

Not unlike many other businesses, recruiters at Bentkey Ventures are responsible for full-cycle recruiting. Team members manage job postings and review resumes in addition to setting up interviews, negotiating, and sending offers. The team was desperate for a way to speed up the process of assessing a high volume of candidates while improving insights and collaboration

Spark Hire video interview software was the solution Bentkey Ventures needed to hit its speed to hire goals. In fact, video interviews helped the hiring team at Bentkey Ventures save approximately 438 hours over the last year across 876 video screens.

Bentkey Ventures has a very lean recruiting team. These hiring team collaborators are responsible for a high volume of hiring needs across the company. Effective collaboration in the decision-making process is critical to hit growth goals at Bentkey Ventures, however, the team found its method of sharing candidate insights inefficient and ineffective.

The antiquated process allowed important information about candidates to be overlooked. Additionally, scheduling conflicts as well as the process of relaying feedback were slow so communication frequently broke down during the hiring process.

“So the primary Spark Hire tool that we use is the one-way video interviews…You’re really able to customize the experience for candidates…And then once you’ve got your questionnaire set up and you’ve got your interview all ready to go, then you get this nice little concise link…It looks really clean and simple and professional.” 

The team has been able to streamline feedback using Spark Hire’s video interview tools, such as scheduling, evaluation, and collaboration. The Bentkey Ventures team also found they could improve the candidate experience while gaining better insights into high-quality candidates.

Since implementing Spark Hire video interviews, Bentkey Ventures has saved time and resources from recruiting through hiring while drastically increasing the volume of interviews it effectively completes.

“Spark Hire has saved us a ton of time in the last year that we’ve been using this system. We’ve conducted 876 video screens. It’s ended up saving us about 438 hours over this last year, which has been huge.”

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