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How myHR Partner Increased Capacity and Accuracy with Spark Hire One-Way Video Interviews, Candidate Assessments

Customer Spotlight – How myHR Partner Increased Capacity and Accuracy with Spark Hire One-Way Video Interviews


Here at Spark Hire, we consistently strive to better serve our customers to improve speed to hire and quality of hire around the world by offering the most innovative hiring solutions, candidate assessments, and video interview software. 

We had the pleasure of interviewing Tina Hamilton, CEO of myHR Partner, to learn more about how Spark Hire’s video interview software helps to speed up screening times and gives a more holistic view of candidates on which to base hiring decisions at myHR Partner.

myHR Partner is a leading provider of outsourced HR solutions and has been climbing the ranks in the Inc. Top 5000 over the last few years. Offering HR partnerships and projects, myHR Partner provides hiring management to clients among several other HR services. 

Growth is a major goal for the leadership team at myHR Partner, however, a challenge they consistently found themselves up against was having time to screen through applicants effectively.

Since implementing Spark Hire video interview software, the leadership and hiring teams at myHR Partner are able to send out questions to candidates through one-way video interview invitations and quickly get results.

“Since Spark Hire, we’re able to send out these questions and wake up in the morning to an inbox full of results and answers – and being able to see the body language of the applicants. And it gives us a more holistic view, saving us a significant amount of time.”

The team really values the improved accuracy in candidate assessments they gain from one-way video interviews.

“What I like best about that is the ability to really see the body language and the pace in which they answer the questions.” 

myHR Partner outsources HR for clients across the country, with hiring being one of the critical pieces of its services. The team is now able to deliver dozens of applicants faster than those screened via phone interview, through Spark Hire. Previously, they could only move through as many candidate assessments as a person could call in a day. 

“The impact has been capacity for our organization, which is priceless. If you’re thinking about using Spark Hire, just go ahead and do it. You’re never going to look back. And you’re going to wonder how you did hiring in the past without it.”

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