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Conducting an Exit Interview #Infographic

infographicIf you’ve been keeping up with our HR blog here, then you should be pretty informed on job interviews with candidates and the hiring process. Furthermore, if you are an HR professional then you are already heavily embedded in both of those things. What we don’t talk a lot about though are exit interviews with candidates that are leaving the company. Recently Spark Hire touched on how HR professionals can hire long-term employees so that they do not have to dive back into the hiring process in just a few months.

In that article we touched on some of the top reasons employees choose to leave their job. As you can see from the infographic below, at the top of that list is inadequate compensation. Perhaps that is expected, but the second biggest reason employees leave is because of inadequate opportunities for advancement- 37.3 percent to be exact. This is the kind of information you would never gather from your employees unless you conducted an exit interview. The infographic touches on the 10 most important questions to ask in an exit interview. The first question is clearly, “What are your primary reasons for leaving?”

An exit interview is a chance for you to gain important knowledge from your employees and how they feel about working for your company. Take a look at the infographic and consider conducting an exit interview next time you lose an employee. It’s the opposite of a job interview, but equally beneficial.

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