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6 Executive Recruitment Strategies that Employment Agencies Must Adopt

Forget the top ranked recruitment job sites on the internet. Getting registered as an employment agency on any of the top job sites will not help in locating the best candidates for your clients. Your high profile clients looking for Harvard MBAs, managing directors, vice-presidents (country heads), CEOs, personal secretaries, etc., are completely dependent on your selection. Being a recruitment agency, you cannot keep sifting through a pile of poor-fit resumes. You have to develop some strategies to reach the efficient and deserving candidates rather than following the traditional employee-hunt approach.

Here is the list of the top six strategies that can help your recruitment agency stand out from the crowd. The innovative strategies are listed below:

1.    Open house

The internet has thousands of resume samples available for different industrial domains. Furthermore, the online resume builder services help in creating the detailed bio-data, which impresses everyone. Therefore, to analyze the good and the efficient, you need to develop a layer between the resume-submission process and interview. Call the candidates for open-house discussions where they debate on various topics provided by you. Divide the crowd among different groups and watch out for communication skills, interest, working knowledge, behavior and character. Also, look for candidates that have leadership and team spirit qualities. This strategy helps in filtering the eligible candidate easily. The open-house strategy simplifies the screening processes and provides error-free recruitments.

2.    Activity

To make the executive recruitment process highly creative, you need to develop a few brainstorming activities for selecting the most intelligent candidate. The activities may include speeches, rapid fire questions, an aptitude test, etc., which can display the candidates’ confidence and presence of mind.

3.    Show them – They are important and required

Once you have selected your dream candidates, demonstrate your willingness to go out of the way to help them avail better job opportunities in different industrial domains. Organize a small party where you can award the selected candidates with some electronic gadgets or wristwatches. Such nobility will make them feel that they really stand out from the crowd.

4.    Search talent across the places

Every corporate company primarily requires three basic qualities in every employee. A). Employees who have a passion for success. B). Employees who understand the urgency and their presence. C). Employees ready to go the extra mile to meet the targets. Targeting only Fortune 100 places might help find candidates easily, but, your applicants might face rejection due to not possessing the above-mentioned qualities. Therefore, also search out in all remote and urban places for the candidates who fulfill the professional and other qualities to qualify for the job.

5.    Organize events not job fairs

Job fairs are good for the freshers and the candidates looking for a job change. But, there are people who might not like to visit such fairs as they already have a job or are not interested in a change. Therefore, set up events that include: conference, discussion, demonstration of new trends related to technology, marketing, management, etc. Furthermore, exchange the contact details, and lastly arrange the lunch or dinner for the visitors. Such events help in meeting talents who can turn out to be your best candidates.

6.    Use media and videos

Avoid advertising the job requirements in the newspapers. Use video or podcast to reach the potential candidates. YouTube, social networking sites and media channels are the effective alternatives of paper advertisements. Viewers do not only get the complete information about the corporate company, but also they listen to the speeches provided by  the top notch authorities in the given video. This helps to boost the brand image of your client among the job seekers.

Besides the six mentioned strategies; there are four more processes used by the recruitment agencies. They advertise using their ideal candidate, use social networking sites, consider past candidates or the rejected candidates, and encourage referrals.

All such strategies help in screening the eligible candidates easily. Your job recruitment services do not only provide great career opportunities to the candidates but also boost the brand image of the company. Your strategies help select candidates having skills, experience, and talents pertaining to the different industries and domains.

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About the Author: Will Smith is an active article writer who likes to share employment or job related advice which can help job seekers and employers. Follow Will Smith on Google+ to find UK recruitment agencies to get a dream job in London’s top notch companies.

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