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Capital Credit Union Finds Efficient, Budget-Friendly Solution with Spark Hire

Capital Credit Union Finds Efficient, Budget-Friendly Solution with Spark Hire

Capital Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial institution in Northeastern Wisconsin. With a number of open roles across branches, the team at Capital Credit Union was looking for a more efficient, budget-friendly solution for their most pressing hiring needs. Specifically, Senior HR Specialist, Emily Nichols, says they were looking for a better way for hiring supervisors to screen applicants. 

They looked to video interviewing to create a consistent, yet customizable interview experience. It was important to the team that their interview experience highlight their company culture, as well as give improved insights on candidates over phone screens. Using Spark Hire, they’ve been able to improve hiring metrics while maintaining a personalized and professional interview experience. 

Discovering video interviews

Unfamiliar with video interviewing software, Nichols and her team first started exploring the technology after a Spark Hire representative reached out directly. They discovered many benefits awaited them, so the team was eager to get started with the software.

As a not-for-profit organization, cost also played an important role in choosing the right platform. After realizing how much money, and time, the platform actually saves them Nichols was ready to roll out the software across the organization.

Time for a process change

Before implementing the new tech, hiring supervisors would conduct standard phone screens with every potential candidate. However, with a number of open roles to fill, supervisors continued to lose more and more time in their day to these lengthy phone screens. Once it began impacting their other responsibilities, they knew it was time for a process change. 

Nichols first introduced the software to a handful of supervisors as a test pilot. “Once they saw success, we had more buy-in to go to the rest of the supervisors and roll out video interviewing across the company,” explains Nichols. 

Supervisors were quick to recognize the benefits of Spark Hire’s one-way video interviews. Instead of organizing difficult schedule syncs, candidates could now submit short, informative video recordings. “Spark Hire has given our supervisors more time to source candidates without playing phone tag,” says Nichols, adding, “It also allows supervisors to watch videos of potential candidates that may have already done a video for a different position.”

A more efficient, cost-effective way to hire

“Our goal was to give supervisors more time back into their day with a more efficient screening process,” says Nichols. Using Spark Hire, they’ve been able to do just that. The platform has modernized their hiring approach and allowed Capital Credit Union to establish a more consistent and personalized interview experience. Nichols recommends the tool for anyone who is looking for a more efficient, cost-effective way to hire. 

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