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CO-OP Financial Services Establishes Efficient, Streamlined Hiring Approach with Spark Hire’s Video Interviews

CO-OP Financial Services is a payments and fintech company, serving more than 3,000 credit unions and 60 million members. Their main focus is helping financial institutions leverage the latest technology and trends to strengthen member connections and support growth. Responsible for hiring for their multiple offices across the country, CO-OP Financial’s HR team was looking for a way to make repeatable processes like scheduling interviews and conducting initial screenings more efficient. 

After exploring the market, the team implemented Spark Hire’s video interviews as a time-saving solution. 

A repeatable hiring process

The hiring team for CO-OP Financial typically reviews thousands of applicants a year for open roles. Between difficult schedule syncs and never-ending games of phone tag with candidates, the team was consistently losing valuable time in their day. 

Jake McEntee, a recruiter for CO-OP Financial, explains, “We were looking to solve a repeatable action, which was the initial interview. We knew we asked the same 5-6 questions and that there had to be a simpler way to get these answers.” With their volume of applicants, conducting 30-minute phone screens was proving to be impractical. 

Taking a closer look

Spark Hire’s one-way video interviews made it easier for the team to rate and review candidates in a fraction of the time. Not to mention, the platform’s scheduling tool removed the hassle of coordinating schedules. “The scheduler tool and analytics were the icing on the cake for us to choose Spark Hire over other vendors,” adds McEntee. 

Beyond the time savings, the hiring team quickly realized the software helped pinpoint issues within their existing processes. “It allows us to see where people fall off in the process. Do they accept the interview and not complete it? Do they accept AND start the interview but not complete it? It has helped us understand where our process could use improvement,” explains McEntee. Not to mention, one-way video interviews help weed out the passive candidates, meaning the team is no longer being ghosted. 

By combining resume reviews with recorded one-way video interviews, the team has been able to develop a clearer picture of potential candidates. “Sometimes a candidate can speak to their experience much better than writing it down on a resume,” says McEntee. The convenience and consistency of the software has made it a real crowd favorite among applicants. Overall, candidates feel they’re able to better showcase their skills and personality beyond the resume. 

A modernized, streamlined hiring solution

With a straightforward implementation process and award-winning customer support behind them, McEntee and his team found the platform extremely efficient and easy to use. “It’s not often that something goes wrong, but when it does, we have a direct account rep who takes pride in helping us get the situation fixed,” says McEntee. 

The tool has completely revamped their hiring strategy while saving them time and money along the way. McEntee recommends the platform to any team looking to modernize and streamline their hiring strategy.

Jordyn Shelton

Jordyn works as a B2B Copywriter on Spark Hire's marketing team. When she's not writing, she enjoys reading a good book, attempting new recipes in the kitchen, bingeing a true crime show, or snuggling her dog Lou.