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How Boscov’s Department Store Remains Adaptable and Productive with Spark Hire

Based in Reading, PA, Boscov’s is an independently owned innovative chain of 49 department stores. As the largest family-owned department store in the United States, developing an efficient and cost-effective hiring process is crucial to the continued growth and success of the company. Beyond efficiency, the hiring team at Boscov’s was looking for a more holistic view of potential candidates. Above all, they needed to adapt to a more modern, tech-forward hiring process in order to remain competitive and attract strong hires.

Before Spark Hire

Before implementing Spark Hire’s video interviews, Boscov’s hiring team would spend hours conducting multiple phone screens, eventually leading to in-person interviews with potential candidates. “The whole process was extremely time-consuming and inefficient,” explains Boscov’s Corporate Recruiting Manager, John Bitting.

With locations across the Northeast, wasting time on lengthy phone screens for every open position was proving to be counterproductive and unsustainable. “Our goal was to save time by implementing a more streamlined approach to preliminary interviews,” says Bitting.

Easily accessible and user-friendly

Based on a number of recommendations, the hiring team landed on Spark Hire as their video interviewing solution. Beyond creating a more streamlined approach, Bitting and his team knew it was important for the platform to be easily accessible and user-friendly for everyone. “Adopting new technology only works if the entire team is on board and comfortable using the platform,” says Bitting. 

Additionally, they wanted to ensure this approach would enhance the candidate experience rather than confuse or detract applicants, so an intuitive interface was crucial. Candidates were quick to adapt to the technology and preferred the progressive approach.

Built for adaptability 

Bitting says the implementation process could not have been smoother, adding, “Our customer service rep was available 24/7 to answer any of our questions and ensure we were up and running.” Because of the challenges presented by Covid-19, team members were eager to explore a remote-friendly solution. Having a hiring tool in place that was built for adaptability has kept the hiring team productive throughout the pandemic. “Spark Hire was the modern hiring solution we needed in order to stay engaged with top talent and remain adaptable and strategic in a constantly changing job market,” adds Bitting.

The platform was already a game-changer for the hiring team, but once Spark Hire introduced panel interviews, they knew they’d found their long-term hiring solution. “Panel interviews have made it easier for us to schedule and collaborate with key decision-makers and present candidates with a branded and professional interview experience,” says Bitting.

More confident hiring decisions

Bitting recommends the technology to teams who are trying to catch up with the hiring climate, especially with more and more positions becoming entirely remote. “Spark Hire has significantly cut down on our time to hire while providing a holistic view of all potential candidates,” says Bitting, adding, “The one-way video interviews provide us with valuable insight in a fraction of the time of a typical phone screen. Now, we’re able to make more confident hiring decisions based on the information we’ve gathered using video interviews.” Overall, Bitting and his team consider Spark Hire an indispensable tool to their hiring process.

Jordyn Shelton

Jordyn works as a B2B Copywriter on Spark Hire's marketing team. When she's not writing, she enjoys reading a good book, attempting new recipes in the kitchen, bingeing a true crime show, or snuggling her dog Lou.