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The Jacksonville Jaguars Achieve Hiring Efficiency with Video Interviews

The Jacksonville Jaguars are a professional American football team based in Jacksonville, Florida. As the organization continued to grow, the Jaguars were in search of a modernized hiring approach that would pair well with their ATS. Beyond building a one-stop shop for all their needs, the hiring team was looking for a more efficient and modern way to connect with hiring managers and candidates alike. 

After exploring their options, they discovered a streamlined hiring approach in Spark Hire’s video interviews that improved their hiring efficiency for good. 

A one-stop shop

Before implementing the Spark Hire platform, individual hiring managers were oftentimes responsible for prescreening and first-stage interviews. With an influx of candidates interested in joining the Jaguar’s organization and a large demand on team members’ time, this process was becoming inefficient. 

“Beyond efficiency, we were looking for an intuitive, straightforward tool that would improve collaboration across teams and speed up our time to hire,” explains Jacksonville Jaguars Director of Culture and Inclusion, Victoria Croy. Most importantly, the tool needed to integrate seamlessly with their application tracking system, TeamWork Online (TWOL). “Finding a comprehensive hiring strategy that would fold seamlessly into our already established processes was key,” adds Croy. Spark Hire checked every box. 

Establishing team buy-in

With a user-friendly, streamlined approach in place, hiring managers were quick to buy into the updated process. “After discovering how much time we would be saving them it was a no-brainer,” says Croy, adding, “They’ve loved the efficiency gains.” Spark Hire has dramatically helped hiring managers cut down on the time they spend in the hiring process. Being able to review candidates with quick, insightful video clips has provided a more holistic view of candidates earlier in the process.

Though this was their first time using a video interview platform, Croy says getting started was easy. “We had an expedited timeline and I was up and running on the platform within 1-3 days,” says Croy. Paired with 24/7 accessibility to their customer service representative, the hiring team immediately felt comfortable and confident using the new interface. 

Achieving hiring efficiency

Along with a more streamlined approach, Spark Hire’s remote-friendly functionality has allowed the team to improve their time to hire. “The platform has allowed us to reach top talent without losing valuable time or resources,” adds Croy. She recommends the platform to any hiring team looking to improve their hiring process. Croy says, “The benefits make it a cost-effective solution.”

The ease and convenience of the Spark Hire platform have made it an integral part of the Jacksonville Jaguars’ hiring approach.

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