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Kaizen Gaming Hires 4x Faster Using Spark Hire Video Interviews

Kaizen Gaming is the leading GameTech company in Greece and one of the fastest-growing in Europe. As an international organization with a local approach, Kaizen operates in seven countries worldwide. With a number of open roles that attract a high volume of applicants, Kaizen wanted to reduce the amount of time they spend on first stage interviews and phone screens. 

Through video interviews, the team wanted to improve collaboration across their hiring decision-makers and ensure 24/7 candidate support. Additionally, the team needed their video interviewing platform to integrate with their applicant tracking system, Greenhouse. Using Spark Hire’s video interviews, they’ve been able to scale their recruitment efforts while drastically improving their overall hiring metrics. 

Finding the right hiring solution

Prior to using Spark Hire, the hiring team at Kaizen Gaming would conduct lengthy preliminary interviews, eventually leading to a final round of interviews with their HR business partner and department lead. But with such a large hiring team for each open role, finding time to sync up schedules and develop effective communication across channels was becoming more and more of a challenge. “With our previous recruitment process, this meant hiring took up a lot of recruiters and hiring managers’ time,” says Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist, Kalliopi Zabafti, adding, “This was not scalable, and the overall process had a poor return on investment. So we decided to investigate alternatives in order to reduce the time we spend on our initial screening.”

As they began exploring more tech-forward hiring solutions, Kalliopi and her team developed a wishlist for their ideal video interview platform. “The video interviewing platform we chose must have an integration with Greenhouse, our ATS, incorporate video questions, and allow us to customize the video interview experience with our brand and content,” explains Kalliopi. 

With easy customization, a user-friendly platform, and 24/7 customer support, Spark Hire was the obvious choice. Not to mention, the software included a comprehensive integration with Kaizen’s ATS, Greenhouse. 

Seeing the results

With thorough training and onboarding sessions with the Spark Hire team, Kalliopi and her team felt confident using the platform from day 1. “Our account manager made it a very easy process, helping us with planning and organizing before going live,” says Kalliopi, adding, “We felt ready for anything!”

The talent team started using Spark Hire with their Brazilian division before rolling it out across their company. “For the majority of the positions, we reached or surpassed the total number of first interviews conducted during the whole rest of 2020,” says Kalliopi, adding, “Of course, our sample was not 100% indicative for all the positions, but when comparing it to our efforts in Greece which were running almost all year long, we have managed to screen the same number of candidates with Spark Hire in only 4 months.”

Achieving similar results without the platform would be virtually impossible. “In a normal process, there is no way to complete, for example, 62 first interviews in such a short time. And if we attempted to do so, it would increase the hours invested in the first interview from 8 hours and 30 minutes to 30 hours. We would need almost quadruple the time (an increase of 376%) in the first stage,” explains Kalliopi. After seeing such stellar results with their Brazilian division, the talent team implemented the process in Greece, Portugal, Bulgaria, and Romania.

“Most Innovative use of Technology in HR”

Team members across the organization were quick to buy into the new tech after reviewing the data. Using the platform, they were able to fill up to 150 open roles in a fraction of the time. “Candidates completed more than 900 unique interviews, with a 60% conversion. In order to achieve those results with our old process, we would have needed 4x the time to complete recruitment,” explains Kalliopi. 

The team was so impressed with our results that they submitted two proposals for the Greek HR Awards, using their Spark Hire Business Case. They won awards in both the “Most Innovative Use of Technology in HR” and “Most Effective Recruitment Strategy” categories! “We are very happy to see that our work, implementation, advice from the Spark Hire team, and use of video interviews is so fruitful,” says Kalliopi. 

Kalliopi and her team recommend Spark Hire’s video interviews to anyone who is looking to scale their hiring process while establishing a personalized and customizable interview experience. Not to mention, the more modern, tech-forward approach has given the company a leg up on the competition, ensuring they attract the top talent in the industry. From top to bottom, Spark Hire has successfully revolutionized the Kaizen Gaming hiring process. 

Jordyn Shelton

Jordyn works as a B2B Copywriter on Spark Hire's marketing team. When she's not writing, she enjoys reading a good book, attempting new recipes in the kitchen, bingeing a true crime show, or snuggling her dog Lou.