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job seekers and social media

Job Seekers and Social Media #Infographic

job seekers and social mediaIt’s no secret that social media has become a very large part of our world- especially in the job market and the corporate world. In fact, employers and hiring managers are using social media in their hiring process to attract more candidates and easily engage with them. So if hiring managers are using social media in their hiring process, then it can only be helpful to see how job seekers are using social media in their job search.

This infographic from and takes a look at how job seekers utilize social media tools in their job search. From the information on the graphic you can see that 72 percent of job seekers are in fact using social media to connect with employers and jobs. On top of that, 38 percent of them have found a job through social media connections. On the negative side though, 50 percent of job seekers stated that their least favorite part of using social media in their job search is the lack of response they get. Take a look at the infographic to get a more in-depth look at how job seekers today are using social media to connect with employers all over.

Social Media Meets the Candidate: Is it Really a Match Made in Heaven?


Nicole Nicholson

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  • @ small business time systems Thank you very much for your comment! We have new interesting infographic every Sunday so be sure to check back.

  • This is a good post I know social media is the future but at the same time I think we need to put thing in perspective unless google algorythms are going to total depend on social media I think traditional SEO should always be done first before participating in the social media space as it is the foundation of the web. Social media to me would be something introduce after my web infrastructure is in place.

    • @Curtman40 Interesting food for thought. I guess we will have to wait and see what the future holds for social media in the job search. It’s already become pretty prevalent with job seekers and I think that will only increase as time goes on.

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