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Spark Hire Podcast for the Week of December 17

Spark Hire PodcastIt may not be in your job description, but giving helpful feedback to candidates after a job interview can greatly improve your candidate experience. When job seekers didn’t get the job but ask for feedback, they are looking for ways they can improve themselves for the future. Giving cliche or general answers isn’t helpful and can be very frustrating. In our podcast this week we discuss how hiring managers can give feedback to the job seekers that didn’t make the cut.

We also touch on the illegal interview questions hiring managers should always avoid. Asking these questions not only makes candidates uncomfortable, but they can also land you in a bit of legal troubles. Listen in our podcast to see which questions you should never ask in an interview and how to give adequate, helpful feedback to job seekers.

Articles Covered
How to Give Candidates Feedback After a Video Interview
Illegal Interview Questions

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