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How Black Box Found a Cost-Effective, Time-Efficient Hiring Solution

Black Box® is an IT solutions provider that delivers technology solutions and consulting services to businesses around the globe. Responsible for providing support and expertise to customers across the world, their recruiting team is consistently hiring for many positions at the same time. With a very hands-on hiring process, including multiple decision-makers, their goal was to reduce the time spent on initial screenings while maintaining the same level of information gained about candidates.

After exploring their options, the team discovered the Spark Hire platform was the perfect solution to meet their needs. 

More candidates in less time

Bianca Cimpoeru, Senior Recruiter EMEA & Data Center at Black Box, says her team began looking into video interviewing platforms after they noticed their recruitment process was lacking in efficiency. Kristine J Irwin, Senior Recruiter at Black Box, adds, “we were seeking a new interviewing method to increase the number of candidates interviewed.”

Prior to Spark Hire, their recruitment process started with a phone screen. “Then, qualified candidates would meet with the hiring manager and potentially other individuals,” explains Irwin. But with a number of open positions to fill, the team continued losing valuable time in their day to a lengthy, outdated process. 

After reviewing several video interview platforms, the team decided Spark Hire was their best option. “Deciding factors included cost and how easy it was to use the system. We wanted to create a great candidate experience and the features Spark Hire offers are perfect to do just that.” says Irwin. Cimpoeru adds, “Spark Hire is a highly configurable platform and we like that we can hire for many positions at the same time. It’s everything we need.”

Spark Hire’s one-way interviews replaced their phone screens entirely, and now allows the team to view and access candidate interviews in a fraction of the time. 

A seamless transition

After a brief and informative training session with their Spark Hire Customer Service Representative, the recruiting team was up and running on the platform in no time. Introducing the rest of the Black Box company to the Spark Hire platform was seamless. “Once we started sharing the platform, they were impressed that it gave insight to the candidate prior to even speaking with them,” says Irwin, with Cimpoeru adding, “We use a lot of personal experience and reassure team members new to video interviewing that the interview collects all the info they’ll need to make an informed decision.”

With team buy-in established, the recruiting department has seen major improvements to their hiring metrics. “With our interns specifically, Spark Hire made our process much more streamlined and sped up the interview process,” explains Irwin. They recognized the results from their very first interview, noticing the ease and convenience of the technology and the positive impact it had on their overall candidate experience. “Spark Hire immediately saved us tons of interview time,” adds Irwin.

A cost-effective and time-efficient solution

The recruiting team at Black Box considers the Spark Hire platform essential to their department’s success. “Spark Hire is very cost-effective, and time-efficient,” says Irwrin, with Cimpoeru adding, “The additional features of the platform allow us to track candidates throughout the process, and even revisit runner-up candidates for other positions.” They recommend the software to anyone who is looking for a modern, more streamlined approach to their hiring strategy, describing Spark Hire as “incredible, easy, and innovative.”

Hannah Goldenberg

Hannah began her career on Spark Hire's sales team and now capitalizes on her long-standing passion for writing with the marketing team. When she's not working on content marketing efforts for Spark Hire, she spends her time baking, watching her favorite sports teams, and listening to astronomy, cooking, and history podcasts.