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HR Technology that Companies Should Be Using to Simplify Workflow

HR Technology that Companies Should Be Using to Simplify Workflow

Technology is making the HR field much easier, more time efficient, and more accurate. From how HR professionals manage the staff members they already have to how they go about recruiting, there are a number of different pieces of HR technology that truly could be considered life-changing for those working in this field. This technology includes:

Video interviewing software

Video interviewing truly changes a hiring manager’s ability to fill open positions. No longer is geography a limiting factor. If the manager finds an interesting candidate across the country, they’re able to use video interviewing technology to see and hear this person without having to pay hundreds of dollars to fly them in for an informational meeting. Sure, phone interviews are great, but the ability to watch a person’s body language and facial expressions during a conversation is highly useful.

Additionally, now even time zones don’t have to put a damper on the hiring process. If you’re in New York and find someone you’d love to hire who lives across the world, the candidate can simply use video interviewing technology to record their answers when it’s convenient for them, even if it’s the middle of the night where you are.

Social media

Social media makes HR professionals’ lives much easier, as it allows them to spread the word about open jobs much more time and cost effectively. No longer are you relying solely on trade magazines to publicize openings, you’ve got channels where people are opting to spend their free time. As an added bonus, they’re available to you at no charge. HR managers who use LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and other tools make life much easier for themselves when it’s time to find top tier talent.

The ability to telecommute

Twenty or even ten years ago, the ability to work remotely seemed like a completely foreign concept. However, now many companies allow telecommuting, making them highly attractive to prospective employees. HR managers have the ability to keep in close contact with all staff members, even when they’re not sitting right next to them in an office.  Additionally, should a team member need to travel for work, communication doesn’t have to suffer.

File storage

HR professionals are responsible for managing a lot of data, so cloud based storage systems can prove enormously useful. Instead of clogging up your laptop with files and spreadsheets, these systems keep the necessary materials on hand without slowing down a computer that needs to move quickly when running other applications.

What types of HR technology do you use in your work as an HR professional? Share with us in the comments!

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