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How to Achieve a More Efficient Hiring Process with Video Interviews

When you’ve found a great candidate, you need to move fast before someone from the competition swoops in and steals them from you. Efficiency in your hiring process is necessary so as to avoid having empty positions for weeks or even months. Achieving an efficient hiring process means ditching the traditional hiring methods that waste time and improving collaboration so that decisions about a candidate can be made faster.

Video interviews are a highly collaborative tool and make it easier to get everyone on the same page. This will lead to smart hiring decisions being made and offers extended more quickly so that the best people that your company wants and needs don’t end up with your competitors bringing them more success instead.

By utilizing video interviews for your hiring needs, you can ease the collaboration process even when it’s not possible to get everyone in the same room. One-way interviews are extremely convenient because they can be reviewed anywhere and at any time across devices. You can share candidates’ recorded interviews with team members who can add their notes and impressions so that everyone’s opinions can be addressed before a decision is made.

Moreover, recorded live interviews can also be shared and played back at any time. If a colleague couldn’t be there in-person and they’re instrumental to the decision, they will still be able to get a good feel for a candidate’s potential fit and qualifications and weigh in on whether to move forward with them or not.

By simplifying the collaboration process you can avoid losing the best and brightest candidates to the competition. The ability to collaborate faster and more easily means that important hiring decisions can be made immediately so that offers can be extended to talented candidates before other companies step into the picture. You won’t have to deal with the heartbreak of letting an awesome candidate slip through your fingers.

Another way you can ensure a more efficient hiring process is to eliminate time-consuming methods such as the phone screen and replacing them with the video interview. When hiring in the past, you may have received the resume of a highly qualified and talented candidate and your excitement drove you to instantly schedule a phone interview. Perhaps the candidate’s schedule was jam-packed so you were forced to put off the interview for a day. You thought it was fine since the candidate’s skills and experience were really impressive and you were sure you had a rockstar in your hands.

However, within just a couple of minutes of the phone screen, you realize this candidate won’t be a good fit for your organization. In addition to having wasted time in your hiring process, you were stuck on the phone for at least half an hour with someone you knew wouldn’t move to the next stage.

The one-way interview is the perfect solution to utilize so you can avoid making this mistake again in the future. One-way interviews allow you to assess a candidate for their communication skills, how well they prepared for the interview, and cultural fit. If a candidate is all wrong for the job, you can easily move on without wasting any more time. Research from the Aberdeen Group shows you can watch 10 one-way video interviews in the time it takes to perform just one single phone screen.

Nowadays, companies across various industries are experiencing difficulties in hiring due to obstacles like the skills gap. Therefore, it’s crucial now more than ever that recruiters and hiring professionals take all necessary steps in order to bring talent through the doors faster.

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