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Develop Your Talent Team Like This Startup Recruiting Master

Develop Your Talent Team Like This Startup Recruiting Master

Greg Russell, Head of Talent at Snapdocs, dives deep into a discussion with Josh about startup recruiting. He speaks to what gives him a competitive edge hiring engineers in San Francisco, how to plan for rapid growth, and offers a secret flip of the script during his hiring process. Greg gives unique insights into how he builds a recruiting process as an organization’s first talent hire.

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Show notes

1:06 About Greg & Snapdocs
4:57 What drew Greg to Snapdocs
6:15 How to begin building a talent team
8:54 What Greg looks for in candidates
11:15 Learning to recruit for different roles
13:08 What makes a great startup recruiter
16:41 The difference between startup and corporation recruiters
18:01 Planning for rapid growth
21:35 Managing the hiring manager relationship
22:35 Starting up a startup employer brand
25:53 Hiring engineers in a highly competitive space
27:44 Greg’s rules of the candidate experience
30:20 Greg’s unique script flip at the offer stage
33:40 Advice to recruit for a startup
36:02 Greg’s Favorites

Resources mentioned on the episode

Greg’s LinkedIn and Email: [email protected]
Snapdocs Careers

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