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Recruit The Best Tech Talent Like This Fast-Growing Startup

Recruit The Best Tech Talent Like This Fast-Growing Startup

Mike Leggett, Sr. Technical Recruiter at, joins this episode of The Growth Recruiting Podcast to highlight what it’s like to recruit for technical positions at a venture-backed startup in Seattle . Learn his rockstar methods for recruiting high level engineers, similarities between hiring for technical positions and non-tech positions, and how to compete with the local tech giants.

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Show notes

1:24 About Mike
2:45 About
6:50 Recruiting at a startup raising capital
8:31 Recruiting for technical positions
10:00 Hiring for problem-solvers
13:27 The technical hiring process
16:35 Iterating the hiring process
17:40 Where Mike finds awesome candidates
20:56 Outreach’s unique parental leave policy
23:40 Competing for technical talent
28:06 What’s important to technical candidates
30:32 How to get into technical recruiting
32:00 Secrets to technical recruiting for non-tech recruiters
34:14 Mike’s favorites
40:11 Mike’s final advice

Resources mentioned on the episode

Textio’s Careers Page
Outreach’s Glassdoor
Contact info – Mike’s LinkedIn, [email protected]

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