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Scale Your Hiring Process Like This Growth-Focused Recruiting Director

Scale Your Hiring Process Like This Growth-Focused Recruiting Director

Toni Cabrall, Director of Recruiting at Concord, discusses with Josh about undertaking massive recruiting efforts. Coming from an agency background, Toni was hired as recruiter number 1 at her first in-house position and in six years scaled it from under 100 employees to over 800. She’s well-versed in scaling a company and its recruiting team at the same time. Through her mentalities behind transparency, the interview process, and coping mechanisms for huge recruiting efforts allow her to efficiently grow companies. Toni explains the “Who” interview process, how to turn a candidate’s soft “no” into a “yes!”, and how to effectively personalize candidate outreach.

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Show notes

1:01 Introduction to Toni
2:16 Managing Recruiting and Company Scaling
5:45 About Concord
9:16 Concord’s Growth Hiring Mentality
11:32 How to Scale Recruiting Efforts
14:57 Differences in Building International Hiring Efforts
20:04 Handling Huge Recruiting Initiatives
22:29 How Toni Fills the Candidate Pipeline
25:08 Concord’s Interview Process
27:33 Makeup of a Great Interview Team
32:24 Mistakes within the Interview Process
34:43 The Who Interviewing Process
38:41 Turning a Candidate’s “Soft No” into a “Yes!”
40:09 Personalizing Candidate Outreach
44:25 Training Transparency
46:55 Toni’s Favorites

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