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The Growth Recruiting Podcast feat. J.D. Conway

Evolve Your Recruiting Model and Mindset Like This Crafty Head of TA

J.D. Conway, Head of Talent Acquisition at BambooHR, discusses his approach to recruitment on the Growth Recruiting Podcast. J.D. runs his Talent Acquisition team with a marketing mindset, and it works. He and Josh talk about what recruiting like sales and marketing means, and how that’s reflected in his team’s structure. J.D. gives advice on where to begin with employer branding, building the business case for HR, and the best marketing resources for HR professionals.

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Show notes

1:10 Introduction to J.D. and BambooHR
4:55 Why BambooHR consistently hires across departments
7:16 How BambooHR’s recruitment marketing came about
9:29 What does recruiting like marketing and sales mean
13:24 J.D.’s Talent Acquisition Team Structure
17:10 Where to start employer branding
24:40 Building the business case for HR
26:23 Developing HR as a business function
28:50 Marketing resources for HR pros
30:57 What J.D. looks for in TA talent
33:40 What’s coming up for BambooHR
36:10 J.D.’s favorites

Resources mentioned on the episode

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The Moz Blog
Whiteboard Wednesday from NextWave Hire
BambooHR’s Glassdoor
J.D.’s LinkedIn
BambooHR’s Twitter

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