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3 Ways to Attract Top Talent with Your Employer Branding

3 Ways to Attract Top Talent with Your Employer Branding

With today’s high unemployment rates, many companies believe that anyone would want to work for them.  As Talent Puzzle points out in their cleverly crafted infographic (see below), this is not necessarily the case.  When hiring new employees we all want to hire the best of the best.  In order to attract top talent, there are some things that each company should take into consideration. 

The key thing to remember is that top talent is looking for more than just a job.  The best talent is searching for an outstanding company culture with solid benefits and perks.  In order to make sure you are a place where the most excellent employees want to be, you should pay attention to your employer branding.

1. Culture

Is your company culture pleasant?  Are you transparent with your employees and do you encourage an environment that allows your employees to be successful while also fostering a work-life balance?

2. Perks

Company perks such as flexible schedules, free coffee, gym membership reimbursement, and child care services are key items that top talent will be searching for when they are on the job hunt.  It may not be possible to do all of these things, but the more you can do, the more competitive you will be with the companies who are attracting top talent away from you now.

 3. Benefits

Did you know that “3 in 5 Americans would rather spend a night in jail than go without benefits like health insurance, 401K matching, paid time-off and life insurance?”  According to Talent Puzzle, health benefits are key to most employees.  Make sure your benefits package is appealing.  By showing a desire to make sure your employees are in good health and have excellent benefits, you will be a desirable company to top talent.

Once you have created the type of environment that is appealing to top talent, take a look at your branding.  Do your websites, ads, job postings, etc. reflect your company culture?  Talent Puzzle points out that adding videos to your websites or jobs postings can help to reflect your company culture and attract more candidate views.

Attracting top talent is more than just posting a job description.  You must first make sure you have a desirable culture with the benefits and perks that employees are looking for.

What are some ways you attract top talent?  Please share your tips below.

3 Ways to Attract Top Talent with Your Employer Branding


Julia Weeks

Julia is a skilled Recruiter with over 8 years of experience in sourcing, interviewing, and hiring within many industries globally. She works closely with hiring managers and job seekers to understand needs and desires, while offering guidance and ensuring the right fit. When not recruiting or writing, Julia enjoys spending time outside cycling, taking her dog for walks, or honing her sailing skills.