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The Evolution of Job Interviews #Infographic

Job interviews, while commonplace today, were once nonexistent. Instead of proving their worth in a job interview, people were born into their jobs, and nearly everyone remained in their hometowns.

It took forward-thinking technology like the railroad, telephone, and Internet to transform the process of finding and landing a job. What was once inherited is now earned through many interviewing techniques.

Major breakthroughs include:

  • Advancements in transportation
  • The birth of the interview itself
  • Adoption of technology into the process
  • The rise of social and digital media
  • The adoption of modern interview technologies such as video interviewing

Spark Hire’s new infographic, The Evolution of Job Interviews, illustrates the journey from no job interviews to the traditional job interview to virtual job interviews. Check out the full infographic here to see the evolution for yourself.

What’s next for job interviews? Share your predictions by commenting below!

Hannah Goldenberg

Like the rest of the Spark Hire marketing team, Hannah is a graduate of Indiana University. She began her career on Spark Hire's sales team and now capitalizes on her long-standing passion for writing with the marketing team. When she's not writing the latest blog post for Spark Hire, she spends her time baking and listening to astronomy, cooking, and history podcasts.